Natural Remedies for Migraine

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Due to unhealthy eating habits and a haphazard lifestyle people are facing major health issues. Health care is extremely important these days one doesn’t know what medical conditions he can face in recent years.Coming up to Migraine, it is a neurological disorder that causes headache to a person on a particular portion of the head that can range from few hours to some days as well. There are many things that trigger migraine like lack of sleep, excessive work and smoking. We will discuss more about natural remedies for Migraine in this article.

What is Migraine

Migraine is classified into two types, i.e a migraine with aura also known as Classic Migraine, and the other type of Migraine is a migraine without aura this is a very frequent type of Migraine occurring nowadays. Migraine has different stages as well, the first stage is the Migraine Prodrome Symptoms, the second stage is the Migraine Aura Symptoms, third stage is the Migraine attack symptoms, the fourth stage is Migraine post drome symptoms.

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One should never neglect symptoms of Migraine as negligence can cause serious health damage.For your knowledge some of the most common symptoms of Migraine are Cold hands and feet, Nausea and Vomiting. It is always advised to treat yourself with Natural remedies as they don’t cause any harm to the body and help in recovery fast. Due to increase in the number of people being effected by this problem some remedies have been developed to overcome this medical situation.

Natural Remedies for Migraine that one can follow :

Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurvedic Treatment is the most well known in India. Ayurveda gives its own reasons for occurrence of Migraine. According to Ayurveda, migraine occurs due to Indigestion, intake of unhealthy food, stress, anger, oily food. Foods can also be a cause of Migraine, a sudden increase in the Kapha Dosa. Onion, chocolate, processed foods can be great triggers for Migraine.
In reaction to Ayurveda, has its own symptoms which indicate this medical problem – visual disturbances, blind spot, blurred vision.

Ayurvedic remedies to follow to cure Migraine has been mentioned below :

Shirolepa – herbal pastes of pita dosha in particular sandalwood and camphor

Shiro Dhara – Another Ayurvedic remedy for Migraine is Shiro Dhara in which thin stream of liquid is to be applied over the effected area.

Kavala Graha – it is the new Ayurvedic cleansing technique, oil pulling is highly regarded in the Ayurveda and is a very effective technique for the treatment of Migraine.

Shirovasti – shirovasti helps in strengthening the immunity of a person physically as well as mentally. This treatment provides relaxation and stress free life to the sufferers.

Yoga Therapies

Yoga therapies are the another upcoming effective way to treat Migraine headaches. We need to involve yoga in our daily lifestyle for a healthy living. It helps reduce stress and make mind and body stress free. Some of the Yoga poses to follow to get rid of Migraine are mentioned below :

Flapping Fish Pose
Flapping fish pose also known as Matsya Kridasana, is a relaxation pose . This is also a deep rest position and people naturally tend to sleep in this pose as well.

Palming is an eye exercise in which

  • eyes have to kept close for few minutes
  • until then the person has to rub his or her palms briskly
  • until they feel heat in them and
  • then place it on there eyes.

There are many other Yogasana as well like:

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Urdhva Mukha Svanasana
  • Uttanasana
  • Veerasana

Finally a brief suggestion on natural remedies for Migraine

Migraine is a very serious health issue. Many people neglect the symptoms of Migraine that can lead to serious body damage. So, it is very significant to spread awareness about this medical issue. One should share it with friends and family if they are facing any such medical issue.

Best way to treat Migraine is using home remedies. Home remedies can aid your medical condition faster and better than any other way. Feel free to like, share and comment to make others aware about migraine remedies.

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