Ayurvedic herbs to Improve Infertility


Infertility is a condition which diminishes self esteem and your social life. This problem has become very common these days which causes frictions in married couples, family and relations. Here we are discussing the herbal remedies which are beneficial for the treatment of infertility.


Herbal remedies for Infertility

Before discussing the factors which are responsible for infertility, one should know the causes of infertility. It is inability to conceive a baby or finding difficulty in carrying a pregnancy. Where as in the case of male it is lower sperm count in ejaculation and poor sperm quality. It has been observed that 20% cases of infertility are due to men and 30-40% cases are due to females.

Before discussing the treatment for a disease, firstly we must discuss the causes associated with this problem<

Causes in female :

1.Hormonal impairment causes complications in the reproductive organs of females. Due to this, process of ovulation get affected which is called as polycystic ovary syndrome. It is most common of infertility in women.

2.When follicle stimulating hormones and luteinizing hormones are not produced sufficiently lead to irregularities in periods. So irregular periods cause the infertility.

3.Infertilty may be due to autoimmune diseases in which by mistake our own immune system kills the ovarian tissues and decreases the levels of estrogen in the body.

4.Due to the infection in uterus there is damage to fallopian tube which results in infertility.

There is an extra growth on uterus is called as endometriosis. Due to which lining of uterus get effected which results in infertility.

5.Tumors (fibroids) which are formed in uterus cause the infertility due to destruction of fallopian tub


1.Low sperm production in male can be major cause of infertility.

2.Problems in prostate like blockage of sperms results in infertility.

3.Hormonal imbalances in luteinizing hormones and follicle stimulating hormones can be the cause of infertility in women.

4.Invasions or infections in epididymis may lead to infertility.


Here the question comes that how to improve infertility. There are various factors are involved which are responsible for  this problem like our life style , eating habits, peer pressure, hectic schedule and genetic factors. Here we will discuss the various ways to get rid from this problem.

Some herbs which are beneficial to improve fertility.

Ayurvedic herbs to Improve Infertility

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale):

This herb is effective to treat the problem of infertility. It helps to balance the hormones in the body and maintain the regularities of periods.

Licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra):

It contains phytoestrogen that binds to estrogen binding sites instead of xenohormones, which are responsible for hormonal imbalance and infertility.

Red clover (Trifolium pretense):

It helps to improve the functions of reproductive system and so use of red clover is quite beneficial in the case of infertility.

Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus):

Shatavari is quite beneficial for the women which have autoimmune fertility and stress problems. It is quite effective for various problems associated with women like blockage in fallopian tubes, ovary cysts problems and endometriosis.

We become what we eat” Consuming iron, zinc, protein and vitamin D is quite effective to balance the menstrual cycles.

Avoid alcohol consumption because it reduces the estrogen level that alters ovulation which results in infertility.

Observe your weight:

Increase in the body fats leads to elevated levels of some hormones which disturbs the process of ovulation.


Exercises play major role to get rid from the problem of infertility.

In the case of male gentle exercises help in the production of enzymes that helps to maintain the proper sperm count.

In the case of female tough exercises are responsible for the reduction of progesterone, which are essential hormones for ovulation.

Say no to pesticides and herbicides:

It has been found that by consuming the fruits and vegetables which are treated with pesticides, results in the infertility.


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