Herbal Remedy Kit for everyone

Herbal Remedy Kit
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Indian households are quite famous for their natural way of healing. In the present scenario of a pandemic where keeping up the health is so important. Apart from doing Yoga, eating healthy food we also need natural herbs which can boost our immunity can defend against common diseases and keep us healthy. Well, today I will share my experience with herbal remedy kit product which is prepared based on Ayurveda.

About Herbal Remedy Kit

AJJARAM WELLNESS has created this wonderful “HERBSUP HERBAL REMEDY KIT“. It came with a beautiful intact package. When I opened it up I could see a few small pouches. I found they were good in condition and with manuals. That made me have a good impression. People tend to have lots of doubts on how to use and other instructions; this manual would be of great help in such conditions. Still, you are not able to use it; you can even consult online through their website. 

It contains digestion kindling, detoxifying, laxative, rejuvenating ingredients. I suggest that it is a wholesome kit exclusively for Indian households. The good thing is that they themselves suggest going to vaidya to get advice in case of any emergency. A few of its ingredients can be taken for a longer period of time is what my suggestion is and it should be under strict medical supervision.


  • 1. Easy to use
  • 2. Preparation needs Basic requirement only
  • 3. Good package
  • 4. High potency ingredients used
  • 5. No bad taste
  • 6. Improves health


1. Ingredients are hygroscopic, water absorbing silica gel or something similar can be considered.

herbsup herbal remedy kit
Herbal Remedy Kit for everyone 3

Herbal Remedy Ingredients

Health is something that is often less priority among people; and diseases related to the stomach are quite common too with unwholesome diets. This is one kit that will enable you some of the minor issues like Common cold, hoarseness of voice, dry cough, hiccups, headache, Indigestion, acidity, vomiting, nausea, constipation, minor sprains, and pains. The ingredients are like an emergency kit, which is ready to use with either mixing with water or honey. A small bottle of honey is also provided with the packet, if the problem sustains the company suggests you go to a vaidya and consult yourself.

The products prepared based on

Feedback for Herbal Remedy Kit 

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This product is user friendly and surely you will experience the impact yourself. This kit is an answer to the OTC allopathic drugs and helps the users to adopt a natural way to bring up health. The company does not claim that the kit should be treated as medical advice and it suggests medical supervision is required in case of an emergency. If the symptoms are persisting for more than a day, a person should visit nearby Vaidya and should take medical advice. And also pregnant women and nursing mothers should not self-medicate.

For children it is better to take and advise of a vaidya this herbal kit is really worth the money; and I feel here we should keep our health in priority rather than the money spent. This kit will enable you to be healthy and strive through hard times.

I wish all of you a healthy life. Please feel free to share your feedback about this product or ask any questions related to this post and I will be more than happy to answer.

Written by: A qualified Ayurveda Doctor (Name is not mentioned due to his/her privacy concern)
Reviewed by: TheAyurveda Editor Team

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