Asanas to remain healthy

Virabhadrasana 2 Warrior pose

Increase your Stamina with Virbhadrasana 2

Yoga poses are meant for keeping your body fit and provide longevity. In the busy life, everyone wants to go faster and achieve success. Now, Increase your Stamina with Virbhadrasana 2. Well, Virbhadrasana is...
Balasana Child pose

Relieve your Back and Shoulders with Balasana

After a long day of work, our body gets hampered. The most hampered parts are Back and the shoulders. They gets filled with pain and feels restless. Now, refresh them with the remedy called...
Stretch your body with Parighasana

Parighasana : You should Stretch your body with this Yoga pose

Stretching is considered as the prime task and thing in all the exercises and yoga too. It massages your body parts and makes it fluent and well-maintained. Today, let's give our body a massage...
Yoga pose Garudasana or Eagle pose

Hip opening Yoga pose- Garudasana

All the yoga poses are mend with some benefits in it. Yoga and Pranayama are the things which we inherited from our ancestors and Indian sages. Sages of that time were no more than...