12 Yogasanas to exercise daily

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Here are those 12 Yogasanas to exercise daily to make you fit and healthy always in the early morning. Special Thanks to Yog Rishi “Baba Ramdev” jee for sharing these images. Without him Yoga in India in this era is almost negligible. Which time you prefer to practice Yoga?

Here are top 5 Yogasanas health benefits:

  1. Boost your energy level
  2. You get motivated and positive vibes
  3. Day starts with high energy level, and you achieve more whatever you do
  4. It reduces stress/anxiety level
  5. Even you can eat more which ultimately boosts your metabolism

We are missing image no. 5 this time but we will update the post once we get that image from Baba Ramdev’s official channel.

We have updated image no. 5 and few links for better readability and reachability. Practice these yoga asanas daily morning and see the changes. You will be the happy person for sure.

Below are 12 listed YogAsanas to exercise daily:

  1. MandukAsana (Best for Diabetes cure)
  2. ShashakAsana (Rabbit Pose)
  3. VakraAsana
  4. GomukhAsana (Cow Pose)
  5. MakarAsana (Crocodile Pose)
  6. BhujangAsana (Cobra Pose)
  7. ShalabhAsana (Locust Pose)
  8. PawanmuktAsana (Leg lock pose)
  9. MarkatAsana (Monkey Pose)
  10. DhanurAsana (Bow pose)
  11. TadAsana (Mountain Pose)
  12. VrikshAsana (Tree Pose)

Images for those 12 Yogasanas

Video for 12 Yogasanas to exercise daily:

That’s all for now. We would like to see what are your favourite Yoga exercises that you do daily morning.

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