What everyone should know about Panchakosha- Five sheaths of body

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Our body is a very complicated, yet the easiest thing to understand. Our soul gives life to this body, which is considered as made of earth. Today we will be talking about Panchakosha, which is the five sheaths of body.

What is Panchakosha?

The human soul is surrounded by five sheaths or Koshas, one above the other. The outer sheaths actually protects the inner ones. This is called Panchakosha.



Let us talk about those five sheaths.

5 Sheaths of soul or Panchakoshas:

1. Annamaya Kosa-

This is the first Kosa of the body. The annamaya kosa constitutes the physical body, beginning from the outermost part , the skin and reaching the inner most  recesses, such as bones, flesh, all organs, brain etc.

2. Pranamaya Kosa-

It is the second of the sheaths of the body/soul. The Pranamaya Kosa covers and permeates physical, gross body, which are also functionised in Annamaya Kosa. The function of Pranamaya Kosa is said to be the acquisition of knowledge, and to direct the functioning of the physical gross body.

By the regular practice of Pranayama, the Kosa becomes more energetic and efficient, which in turn energizes the Annamaya Kosa.

3. Manomaya Kosa-

Also called Mental sheath, it is believed to be the prime body, which activates and guides the functions of both Annamaya Kosa and Pranamaya Kosa i.e., Mind, ego, intelligence etc.

It also guides the five sense organs, which are mostly related to the world outside.

4. Vigyanamaya Kosa-

The fourth body or fourth sheath of the Panchakosas is also known as Vigyanamaya kosa. It contains within itself, the elements of intelligence and ego. It controls the functioning of the sense organs so far as they give rise to the feelings of pain, pleasure and emotions like love, hatred.

The man who appropriately understands the functioning of this Kosa, keeps himself away from worldly illusion, temptations, attachment etc.

5. Anandamaya Kosa-

This Kosa is also called by the names Hiranyama Kosa, Hrdaya guha, Linga sarira etc. It is said to be located in the heart and is closely related with our inner soul. Our lives, the existence of our gross body and our relations with the world as such is dependent on it.

One who masters and understands the importance of these five sheaths of the soul always leads a happy and blissful life. The person achieves a kind of peace which is a secret treasure in itself.

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She holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine and interested in Naturopathy.

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