7 effective Yoga asanas to reduce belly fat

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Does the unwanted belly fat makes you conscious sometimes?

Are you fed up of trying to reduce your belly fat, and still can’t reduce it? If yes,then try yoga this time and feel the difference in yourself. 

Among all the workout sessions, yoga is the best to follow. It is the most effective therapy to tone and nourish your body. Moreover your mind, body and soul all are relaxed by yoga.  

Everyone wants a flat tummy. Having a toned and flat tummy not only makes you attractive but also maintains good health. This article is dedicated to such yoga postures that are the easiest and most effective in reducing belly fat. 

reduce belly fat
7 effective Yoga asanas to reduce belly fat 2

1) Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose 

It relaxes the lower back and strengthens the abdominal muscles of your body. It is easiest of all.

Steps to perform :

• Lie down on the floor facing down.

• Then, place your palms on the floor, next to you shoulder. 

• Stretch your hands up and your upper body. 

• Stretch your legs back as such that the top of your feet touches the floor. 

• Slowly, lift up your upper body inhaling the fresh air.

• Lie such that your pubis and toes form a straight line. They should touch the floor.

• Hold this position for few seconds or a minute. If you are a beginner, try to hold this posture for about 25-30 seconds.

• Then Relax, exhaling the air and returning back to the lying position. 

2) Padhastasna or Standing forward bend

This pose is good for heart and your belly as well. It helps in curbing the anxiety and the raised heart rate. It relaxes and softens the abdominals. Therefore it helps in solving abdominal problems and belly fat too.

Steps to perform :

• Stand in Tadasana pose. Stand straight, resting your feet together such that heels touch each other. Hands should be on  either side of the body.

• Lift your hand upward inhaling the air. Exhale while bending. You should bend such that the body and floor are parallel to each other. 

• Try to touch the floor without bending your knees. If you are a beginner, don’t worry. You would be able to do that after practising for a few days. Till then try to touch your ankles.

• You can hold this position for a minute or few. It depends on the individual capabilities.  Now, return back to the normal pose (Tadasa) while inhaling.

3) Kumbhakasna or the plank

You must be familiarwith this pose if you have tried any exercise to reduce weight or have been under a trainer. It is the most popular one. Kumbhakasna not only reduces your belly fat but tone up the muscles. 

Steps to perform :

• Lie with your face down. 

• Lift your body up while straightening your arms.

• Body should be balanced on toes.

• Look forward.

• Hold this posture for sometime. At beginning you may find it difficult to hold it for long. But try to hold this pose for few seconds. Practising it regularly will help you in extending the duration of this pose. You can repeat this pose while taking a short break in between.  

4) Pavanmuktasana or Wind Relieving Pose 

This pose helps in countering diseases related to stomach. It resolves the problem related to indigestion, acid afflux and constipation. In this pose the pressure is exerted over your stomach, therefore cut offs your belly fat too.

Steps to perform :

• Lie down facing upwards and your hands beside your body, that is in supine position. Feet should be stretched out and heals should touch each other. 

• Now, bend your knees. 

• Breathe deeply. While you exhale, bring the bended knees towards the chest such that you feel the pressure exerted by thighs over your abdomen. 

• Clasp your thighs. Inhale again. While exhaling lift up your head as such your chin touches your knees.

• Hold this posture for a minute while breathing deeply. At beginning don’t force yourself to do this for a minute. Try to hold it for few seconds. 

• Exhale slowly while coming back to the starting pose. Relax your body. 

5) Ustrasana ( Camel pose) 

Before you try this pose make sure that you aren’t facing any medical issues related with back. This pose is tricky a bit. Besides flattening your tummy, it also lessens fatigue.

Steps to perform:

• Sit in Vajrasana or diamond pose. 

• Now, lift your body up giving all the body weight on your knees. The pose should be such that the heels are perpendicular to the ground.

• Exhale deeply and lift your body backward making an arch. Now slowly bring your  hands, one by one behind your body to hold the ankle. 

• Then, lean your head behind stretching backwards .You will experience a stretch in your belly region.

• Hold this posture for a few seconds. Breathe normally. You can further extend the time to a minute after practising it for few days. 

• Exhale and return back to the initial pose that is Vajrasana. Relax your body. 

6) Naukasana or Boat Pose 

This yoga asana will surely give you a flat stomach if you practise it daily. It acts on abdominal muscles and thus helps in strengthening it. This also results in providing you a flat belly and improved digestive system.

Steps to perform:

• Lie down in supine position, with your hands on either side of body. Legs should be stretched out straight such that the toes face the ceiling.

• Inhale deeply. While you exhale, lift up your body. Head, Chest and legs should be lifted up from the ground.

• Now, stretch your hands forward forming a parallel line to your legs. Line your fingers and toes in a straight line.

• Gaze towards your toes. Breathing normally, hold this posture for few seconds. Try to do it for at least 30 seconds in beginning. After that you can do it for a minute or two. While holding this pose, you will feel the contraction in abdominal muscles. 

• Later exhale deeply. Slowly return back to supine position.  

7) Dhanurasana or Bow pose

This posture is best for toning muscles of your abdomen. Along  with strengthening your back muscles, dhanurasana also corrects your posture. 

Steps to follow:

• Lie down facing the ground. Put your hands on the either side of body such that your palms touch the ground. 

• While exhaling, stretch your legs upward. 

• Lift your head up and bend it backwards. 

• Next, move your hands backwards and hold ankles with your hand. Inhale.

• Your whole body weight should be supported by the belly. Hold this pose for 15- 20 seconds. You can extend the time as per your stamina. 

• Exhale and relax your body returning to back to the initial pose.

Wrapping up “7 effective Yoga asanas to reduce belly fat”. If you’re a beginner, then you may face some difficulty while trying these postures  initially. But as it is said – “ Practice makes a man perfect.” It is true for this case as well. You will improve gradually day by day. So don’t panic or get nervous. Try these and experience the transformation- from a bulged belly into a flat and toned one. 

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