Kundalini Jagran

Awake the Treasure of Gems inside your body: Kundalini Jagran

Human body is the perfect creation of nature. We even don't know, there are so many gems (energies) hidden inside our body. To unlock these treasures, the best way is called Kundalini Jagran. Hey...

How Stress can be Managed Naturally?

WHAT IS STRESS? Stress is any kind of response of our body to any kind of feeling. Stress hormones get released which leads to hyperactivity in hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) system which further leads to...

What everyone should know about Panchakosha- Five sheaths of body

Our body is a very complicated, yet the easiest thing to understand. Our soul gives life to this body, which is considered as made of earth. Today we will be talking about Panchakosha, which...
people doing meditation

Some Guidelines and precautions for better Meditation practice

Meditation is a way through which we connect our soul with the universal energy. Many person does meditation, but how many do with full correction and precautions. Let us talk some of the guidelines...