Doob grass benefits : 11 facts you never knew


Our earth is considered as a ‘green planet’. Why so? Because it seems like a large  green carpet is covering the barren land. Herbs, shrubs and tress are those factors which contributes the greenery.Here, we will be talking about the simple grass! Now, you must be wondering; what’s there to talk about those tiny grasses in the health section. As we all know, everything produced over this land surely has some benefits in it. We will be talking about “Doob grass Benefits”. So, lets proceed-


Doob grass also known as durva grass, dog’s-tooth grass, couch grass, Indian doob etc is a simple of grass kind but has hidden many benefits and properties in it. It is like a nature gift for all the living beings. It is fresh and evergreen.

The grass is soft as silk and gives a very refreshing feeling. It’s a fact; walking bare feet on the grass has many benefits especially it increases your eyesight. It is known to have three different varieties- green, white and blue.

Appearance of Doob grass:-

It is a herb and has thin but hard stems that keep spreading. As it gros its rots enter the soil and create new plants. The leaves are 1-4 inch long; half-inch wide and smooth at tip. The flowers are greenish or bluish in colour and fruits are in the form of tiny grains.

Nomenclature of Doob grass:-

Leaves of doob grass
Leaves of Doob grass

Doob grass belongs to kingdom Plantae and ‘Poaceae’ family. Its binomial name is Cynodon dactylon”. In Hindi, it is called Doob, Ramghas, Durba etc whereas in Sanskrit it is called Amari, Amrita, Gauri, Harsalika, Shatparva etc.

Religious significance of Doob grass:-

According to a le gent, doob grasses are the origination of ‘Amrit’ or ‘Nectar’. When Samudra Manthan took place between demons and gods; Amrit was produced. From the pot, few drops were fallen on earth too. As a result, doob grass appeared.

Doob grass is used in religious function too like in worshipping, weddings and so on. It is regarded as the sacred grass.

Properties of Doob grass:-

It contains proteins, carbohydrates, fibres, magnesium salts, sodium salts, potassium etc. It is sweet, tasty, works as an astringent, cool and beneficial in many kinds of ailments.

Juice of Doob grass
Doob grass juice

Doob grass Benefits:-

Now, lets move to the concerned part of our topic. After reading the above description of doob grass; you all must be eager to know about its medicinal benefits. It has numerous health benefits; some of them are listed below-

1. For Epilepsy:-

In case of Epilepsy-

  • Extract of whole grass can be helpful to cure Epilepsy.
  • Mix the powder of sandalwood and sugar in its juice and give this to the patient.

2. For Vomiting:-

  • Give the juice of doob grass to the patient.
  • Give doob grass with water in which rice is rinsed. It cures vomit due to pitta.

3. For Nasal bleeding:-

There can be various reasons for nasal bleeding; it can be occasional as well as continued too. well, now we have got a natural method to cure nasal bleeding-

  • Make a juice of pomegranate flowers with doob grass and harad.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • It controls nasal bleeding due to Tridosa.
  • Or, take nasya of doob grass juice, grapes, sugar cane juice, cow’s milk, onion juice and flowers of pomegranate.
  • Put drops of juice of its whole plant in the nose.
  • It promptly controls nasal bleeding.

4. For Urinary problems:-

In case of any kind of urinary or renal disorders-

  • Take a decoction of doob grass and give it to the patient.
  • It relieves and causes excess urination.
  • Mix doob grass with sugar.
  • Grind and strain the solution.
  • Give it to the patient. It controls blood flow in the urine.
  • Grind doob grass in milk and strain the solution.
  • Give this to the patient; it cures burning sensation during urination.

5. For Skin problems:-

In case of skin problems like itching and eczema, follow this-

  • Take 4 cups of doob grass and prepare a medicated oil.
  • Apply this oil on the affected areas.
  • It cures eczema and itching problems.
  • Grind doob grass with turmeric and apply the paste.
  • It cures eczema and itching of skin.

6. For Headache:-

  • Take equal quantities of doob grass and grams.
  • Grind them in water and form a paste.
  • Apply this paste on forehead. It cures headache.

7. For Ascites:-

  • Grind doob grass with black pepper.
  • Give this to the patient thrice a day.
  • It causes excess urination which helps to cure ascites and swelling of the body.

8. Doob Grass benefits for Diarrhoea:-

  • Give fresh juice of tender doob grass.
  • It has binding properties and is beneficial in curing diarrhoea.
  • Boil doob grass with ginger root.
  • Give this solution to the patient.

9. For Malaria fever:-

  • Mix Atees powder in doob grass juice.
  • Give this to the patient twice thrice a day.
  • It is beneficial in curing the recurring Malaria fever.

10. For Diseases in children:-

  • Grind doob grass with long branches. which generally grows around well.
  • Strain the solution and add 2-3 gm; finely powdered nagkesar and green cardamom.
  • Give this to the child, whose palate has gone weak.
  • Put a few drops in child’s nose and let the child inhale it.
  • Its consumption gives energy to the body.

11. For Bleeding diathesis:-

  • Grind white doob grass in water.
  • Strain the solution through a fine cloth.
  • Add sugar candy to it and give this to the patient.
  • It is beneficial in leucorrhoea.

You must be amazed by these Doob grass benefits, as only few can guess that this simple grass can be the remedy for such disorders. Guys, just think; the thing which provides our earth the title of ‘Green planet’ must be filled with numerous benefits. Right! Always believe in nature. Go green and live well!

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