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Health Benefit of Beetroot – Nutrition facts

Health Benefit of beetroot

Beetroot is a root vegetable that contains many important nutrients. It helps in boosting energy and lowering blood pressure, improves digestion and it has anti-inflammation properties. Beetroots contain vitamin calcium and there are rich fibers. It helps in weight loss, however, there is no research that proves it. Beetroot is popular as a superfood.

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Health Benefit of Beetroot - Nutrition facts 2

Nutritional value in one cup of beetroot

58 Calories13G Carbs
2G Protein4G Fiber
22MG Calcium445MG Of Potassium
30MG of Magnesium39MG Of Zinc
Vitamin C

How much beetroot one should eat in a day?

There is no such specific dosage to consume beetroot but a high amount of consumption should be avoided. In general one should one cup of beetroot in a day that serves approx. 140gms.As per beetroot juice, one can take 200 to 250 ml of juice per day.

Beetroot are high in vitamins which protects signs of aging. You can take 200/250 ml of beetroot juice every day.

Health Benefit of Beetroot

  • Beetroot juice protects the liver from oxidative damage. It also helps detoxification enzymes.
  • Beetroot juice has many health benefits which improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.
  • Beetroot is also rich in anti-oxidation and nutrients. Beetroots help in curing diabetes.
  • It helps in lowering the risk of nerve damage and eye damage.
  • As beetroot is very low in calories so they are very helpful in your weight loss process.  It is considered one of the healthiest ways for weight loss. Also, beetroot root juice helps you for a healthy liver.
  • It protects you from oxidative damage and inflammation. It helps in natural detoxification. It activates liver enzymes and increases biles.
  • Athletes consume beetroot juice to improve their performances. Beetroot juice helps in improving endurance and increases oxygen flow in the body during exercise.
  • Cooked beetroots can help pregnant women which provides many nutrients that protect both the mother and the baby.
  • Beetroot protects against oxidative stress and reduces the risk of liver damage.
  • You can also use beetroot for hair growth.
  • Beetroot juice helps you to get rid of darker lips. It helps to plump your lips. What you can do is, mix a little amount of sugar with beetroot juice and just massage your lips with this mixture. It will remove all of your pigmentations around your lips and plump your lips. 
  • It also helps you to get younger-looking skin without any side effects. But it is always recommended to take a patch test before application. 
  • Beetroot juice acts as a great blood purifier, which helps your skin glowing and radiant.
  • Beetroots are rich in vitamin c which helps to remove blemishes and give you a natural glow. And make your lips smooth and soft.

The side effect of Beetroot

However beetroot is not free from side effects. It may cause stones in kidney because it contains oxalate. Oxalate reduces calcium absorption in body. Beetroot can cause you pink or red urine or stool, but this is not harmful.

As beetroots are full of nutrients, all you need is to include it in your daily life in a limited amount to get benefited, Excessive consumption can cause harm to your health. Beets help you to enhance your overall health.

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