5 Amazing Water Apple benefits (Rose Apple ):Nutrition Facts

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Hello readers, today we will be talking about a luscious fruit ‘Water apple’. It is a rare plant, which is not also known by all. They might look tiny but their benefits are incredible. In this article, we will try to cover all the points and questions related to water apple. 

It has neither the taste of an apple nor its smell like a rose! It is still called Rose Apple. Due to its watery texture, it has got its name as water apple. 

Appearance of Water Apple?

These are the bell-shaped fruits which are little astringent in nature. It is mostly known due to its succulent and thirst-quenching properties. It tastes sweet-sour depending upon its ripeness and species. It is crunchy with a sharp taste in it. The fruit may contain one of two seeds in each, mostly the seed found in bigger and ripened fruits. 

water apple bunch
5 Amazing Water Apple benefits (Rose Apple ):Nutrition Facts 4

It is found in different types, like white, green, red, purple, crimson or even black. It is an evergreen tree which grows about 8-12 meters in length. 

It has brownish-grey colored bark which has also many health benefits in it. The plant bears clusters of yellow-white flowers which are fragrant.  The leaves are pointed tip, dark green and glossy texture from the top. 

Where do water apples grow?

It is a native plant to Malaysia and can also be said to be a Malaysian medicinal plant. It is widely cultivated in the regions of SouthEast Asia. It is mostly grown in loose sandy-loamy soil. However no specific soil selection is there for the cultivation of Water apples. 

water apple tree with fruit
5 Amazing Water Apple benefits (Rose Apple ):Nutrition Facts 5

It is cultivated across Thailand, California, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Hawaii and some regions of the United Kingdom too. In India it is cultivated in Sri Lanka, Western Ghats, kerala and some parts of Andhra Pradesh too. 

Different names of Water apple:

In different parts of the world, water apples are known by different names. Some of tose different names of water apples are listed below. 

  • English name- Water apple, Rose apple, Java apple
  • Hindi name- Pani seb
  • Malyalam name- Jambakka
  • Tamil name- Panneer naval
  • Telugu name- Gulaabijamikaayalu
  • Malaysian name- Jambu air

Nutrition in Water Apples:

As water apples are tasty and luscious fruits, on the same time it is very nutritious and healthy too.  They are rich in nutritional values with very less calories in it. We should know that a water apple is 91% made out of water only. Let’s take a look to its nutritional levels. 

  • Dietary fibers
  • Proteins
  • Zinc
  • Starch
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Sodium
  • Sulfur and many other macronutrients

Uses of Water apple:

Water apple is used in a lot of preparations and food cuisines too. Some of them are listed below-

  • Water apple is used in jam preparation using jaggery, sugar, cinnamon powder and fresh ripe fruits as well. 
  • Water apple is also used in salad dressing. Using different types of fruits like orange, pomegranate, apples, strawberries etc a very healthy and tasty salad is prepared. 
  • In many parts of world, they also uses the greenish fruits to prepare a very exotic pickle. It is a very good appetizer too. 
  • Water apple is also used to make wine. Due to its tart and astringent flavor, it is fermented and used to prepare wine. 
  • Water apples or rose apple is also used to prepare a very healthy yet tasty juice. It is liked by all. The color of the juice may vary accoring to the color of the fruit you are using. 
  • As a beauty enhancer, it is used used as a face mask, scrub etc. Due to to anti-ageing and tan-removal properties, it is very useful to lighten and brighten the skin tone. 
  • These bell-shaped fruits are also eaten raw in uncut form. Just its wased nicely and eaten as it is. 
water apple fruit
5 Amazing Water Apple benefits (Rose Apple ):Nutrition Facts 6

So this fruit is very luscious, crunchy, watery and tasty. But what about its health benefits. Yes as like other fruits, this very fruit called ‘Water Apple’ is also highly nutritious. Let’s see some of its health benefits. 

Water Apple Benefits / Rose Apple Benefits:

1. Keeps your skin healthy

Water apples are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is an excellent fruit to remove toxins from the body, hence maintaining a healthy skin tone. It also has a good amount of phenolic acid in it which helps to keep away wrinkles and dark spots. 

The paste or juice of the ripen fruit can also be applied on the skin as a skin toner. It brightens your skin and also slow down the ageing properties. 

2. Keeps your kidneys healthy and well-functioning

Kidneys are the vital parts of our body. It works to clean away toxins from the body. It also removes nitrogenous wastes and protects our body from any kind of toxin damage. 

Due to poor diet and sedentary lifestyle, our kidneys get sick and start developing many kinds of problems.

When you take water apples in your diet regularly, it helps to cleans your blood and also activates nephrons. The leaves and fruits, both has anti-inflammatory properties healing problems like nephritis, kidney stones, infections etc. 

3. Immunity booster fruit

Fresh fruits and vegetables are known for its immunity boosting power. If you are one serving of water apple daily, it will help to improve your immunity, which is very importat specially these days when corona and flu viruses are very active. 

It also protects your body from any kind of viral, bacterial and microbial infections by developing a resistance power. So a healthy individual should eat these fruit daily to boost their immunity naturally and effectively. 

4.  Keeps blood glucose in control

In the present era, Diabetes is one of the biggest issues worldwide. According to International Diabetes Federation, about 35% of the world population is having diabetes and this graph may increase to 50% in coming years. Diabetes is caused when there is a lack of insulin production in the pancreas. 

To control this degenerative disorder,  we should have healthy fruits and vegetables, water apple is also one of them. This very fruit lowers your glycemic index thus stabilizing your insulin production.

Research says the fruits, as well as the leaves, have powerful anti-hyperglycemic properties. There are also flavonoids present in the fruit which maintains the carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes. Through this, daily consumption of this fruit may prove to be very beneficial in keeping diabetes at bay. 

5. Maintains Cardiac health and cuts off cholesterol

Heart is the vital part of our body and pumps blood in the whole body. Cholesterol deposition is its biggest  enemy, and increased levels can also damage your heart very badly. When those bad fats gets deposited in the veins and arteries of heart, it causes a blockage leading to many heart issues like cardiac arrest, suffocation, blood pressure issues and so many. 

It is very important to keep away this bad cholesterol and increase good fat levels. Being very less in calories and high in dietary fibers, water apple is suitable for a healthy heart. There are very negligible amounts of sodium and fats in it. 

It increases the oxidant activity in your blood, thus maintaining heart health. It is best to be taken in uncut or juiced form. When we use heat to prepare any kind of delicacies with it, the fruit automatically loses some of its vital nutrients which is not so good. 

How many water apples should be consumed in a day?

Excess of everything is bad! This thing is very much applicable to fruits. As if you eat so much Jamun, you may get stomach pain and cramps too. If you eat so many mangoes, you may get sores on your upper lips or facial areas. 

Water Apple has the same thing. A healthy individual should have 3-6 ripe water apples a day. If you are eating raw, it should not be taken in unripe form as it may taste tart and astringent. 

You can plant this tree in your backyard as well. Buy it from here.

Hope this article was knowledgeable and detailed for you. It must have answered so many questions bewildering in your minds, about this rare Malaysian fruit. 

If you found anything was missing in the post about Water Apples, please let us know via comments. Take care and stay healthy! 

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