Asanas to remain healthy

tadasana yoga pose

Increase your height naturally with yoga pose- Tadasana

Good height reflects an attractive personality. Today we will be telling you a yoga pose, which is actually meant to increase height naturally. It is Tadasana. What is Tadasana? Tadasana also called 'Mountain pose' is...

Vajrasana- A simple yogasana for digestion

Yoga is a kind of physical activity simply said as the ancient form of exercise which gives the insight to know more about the self. The dormant inner powers blossom to give complete bliss...

Sirsasana yoga benefits on Health

All the yogasanas are meant for their own benefits and advantages. These are just the practices of body movement and breathing processes. As we know, our brain masters our whole body. Today, we will...

Bhujangasana- Asana to cure Back problems

In this world, everyone is craving for peace and harmony. Everyone wants to live well and stay fit. From a general view, the person who is good-looking with a healthy body is said to...