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Lavender lemonade

Lavender Lemonade to treat Anxiety, headache and Depression

Anxiety is the third most common mental health issue worldwide, and everyone suffers from a headache and depression once in a while. Instead of...
Pomegranate gelatin

Pomegranate Gelatin to get rid of Joint, back and knee pain

Medicines are always tasteless and just yikes! None of us likes to have them but to cure the illness we have to go for...
lemon fruit for Cancer

Freeze Lemons to activate their fighting power against Cancer

Lemon fruit; seems to be a very simpler fruit but are really a small wonder. Do you know, by freezing lemon you can activate...
Salt and oil massage mixture

Say Goodbye to Body pain for years with this Salt and Oil massage

In older ages, 8 out of 10 suffer from body pain which is very hard and painful. Even after trying so hard, that pain...

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