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ripe papaya with seeds

Health benefits of Papaya seeds for full body detox

Papaya is one of the well-known fruits, liked by all. Papaya is said as the complete food, as it holds all the essential nutrients...
health benefits of green apple

Health Benefits of Green Apple

Green apples feature an impressive amount of vitamins and minerals that help your body function optimally and contribute to your overall well-being. B vitamins,...
stevia health benefits

Stevia: Health Benefits, Side Effects and more

Let's know about magic leaf Stevia, a boon for diabetics Stevia are leaves of the South American rebaudiana plant that are used to make stevia,...
How to boost your immunity with Ayurveda

How to boost your immunity with Ayurveda

The traditional Indian medicine system, Ayurveda has a lot of potential for both preventing and treating illnesses. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a renewed...