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ripe papaya with seeds

Health benefits of Papaya seeds for full body detox

Papaya is one of the well-known fruits, liked by all. Papaya is said as the complete food, as it holds all the essential nutrients...
coronary heart disease

Coronary Heart disease and its Ayurvedic remedy

In the present world, diseases and maladies have enveloped our world to a great extent that everyone is prone to it. Many of us...
Fruits for Pitta dosha

Pitta pacifying fruits to balance Pitta Dosha

Pitta governs all heat, metabolism, and transformation in the mind and body. It is the dosha type which is symbolized by heat and aggressiveness. ...
home remedies for toned skin

Natural remedies to tighten your skin at home

As we age, our skin goes on a transition phase from youthful, younger-looking skin to sagging loose skin. Skin loses its collagen and elasticity....

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