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diet for babies

Top 5 First Foods to start Solids to your little angel

As a baby step to 6 months, we get a new responsibility to choose correct first foods which are easy to digest and nice ones. Hey new mums, if you are also wondering the...
Healthy summer food

5 Cool Foods to keep your Baby healthy during summers

Summers are here and a big challenge for small babies and toddlers. Due to the changing weather they can get easily sick! With a correct diet and healthy lifestyle you can keep them fresh...

Diet Chart for Jaundice Recovery Naturally

Jaundice is also known as Hyperbilirubinemia.  Jaundice is due to the dysfunction of the normal metabolism or excretion of bilirubin. Jaundice is not actually a disease but a result of various underlying diseases like...
healthy honey biscuits

How to Make Healthy Honey Biscuits

If you have never had some of these delicious golden-brown queens, then it is time for you to try. You will love them as they are extremely easy to make, soft and have an...