12 Common Baby care question asked by new moms

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The biggest responsibility is ‘motherhood’ and proper baby care. For the first time mothers, it really becomes very confusing thing, to figure out how to care their babies. Today we will be telling you 12 common questions,  about baby care which are causal and asked by new moms.

Being a mother is a blissful experience, but those responsibilities becomes nightmare and makes us feel irritating. Caring a newborn is 5 times, more complicated than caring an adult.

baby care
baby care

Here we are presenting 12 very common and frequently asked questions about Baby care. It should be known to every moms so that the care for their newborns gets easier.

12 Common baby care questions:

1. Is it important to wash my hands every time I touch my baby?

It is recommended, while handling the baby, your hands should be clean. In neonatal stage, your baby’s immune system is not strong and is easily prone to infections. Washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer, avoid infections being passed to your baby.

2. How many motions a neonate should pass in a day?

Just like us, babies too will differ in their bowel movements. There may be times, when they pass several motions in a day, or sometimes passing one in a week. Well a newborn, who is properly breastfed will pass 5-6 motions a day.

3. How can one know that baby’s motions are normal?

Here’s a color-by-color guide, which will assure the nice health for baby’s motion.

Green-black. After birth, a baby’s first bowel movements are greenish to tarry.

Green-brown. As the baby begins to digest breast milk, green-brown then yellow-brown motions are observed.

Yellow. Few days after breastfeeding, babies will have loose, seedy and yellow motions.

Other colors- When you start feeding solid food to your baby, motions of other colors are seen. You can also observe some part of undigested food in stools.

4. How can one know baby’s motions are disturbed and now its time to call a doctor?

Pay attention on the following things, and you will know if your baby’s motions are good or not.

  • Red or  bloody stools
  • Consistently water
  • Hard and difficult to pass
  • Whitish or gray stools

5. What to do if the newborn gets sticky eyes, is it a problem?

There is no cause for concern. Newborns don’t cry with tears. This makes their eyes feel dry and in cold weather, it may cause sticky eyes. Many think it as cold-affected, but is not always the same.

To prevent and treat this, your can wipe off their lids and eye surroundings, with lukewarm water and cloth. In cold weathers, you can also apply some mustard oil on their lids.

6. What is the caring procedure for baby’s umbilical stump?

  • Keep the stump clean. It should not get sticky or dirty. If this happens, then clean it regularly using baby skin wipes or plain water.
  • Expose the stump to air, in order to keep it dry and infection free.
  • Let the stump fall on its own. You should not give any sort of pressure, to detach the stump.

7.  How can one know if the cord stump has developed infection?

Caring the umbilical cord stump is very necessary. Contact the baby’s doctor, if you notice any of the signs

  • appears red and swollen around the cord
  • continues to bleed
  • oozes yellowish pus
  • produces a foul-smelling discharge

8. Is it necessary to burp the baby?

Burping helps to get out the air, that babies tend to swallow while feeding. While burping, gently pat the back in a down to up motion. Keep the baby in upright position, for 10-15 minutes after feeding. This helps to prevent the baby spitting milk out. Always burp your baby after feeding.

9. Is it good to wake baby from sleep, for feeding?

This is not a good idea, to wake your baby forcefully and feed them. The ideal gap between feedings should be 2 hours, which can also exceed to 3 if the baby is asleep.

Your baby will get up at their own, when hungry. So you don’t need to be so strict.

10. What should be the bathing routine for newborns?

  • Till the umbilical cord falls, baby should be given sponge bath. It is preferable 24 hours after birth.
  • During hot weather, baby should bath daily with lukewarm water, whereas during cold weathers it should be once or twice a week with lukewarm water.
  • Don’t use extra creams or talcum powder, just in beginning.

11. What is the right time to start breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding should be initiated in the first hour of birth. The initial milk known as colostrum, is protein rich and will help your baby develop resistance. Breastfeeding should be given in every two hours.

12.  How can one know that baby has normal growth and getting sufficient milk?

The following things will indicate the correct health of the baby-

  • After 3-4 days of life, baby urinates at least six times a day.
  • Weight gain is adequate.
  • Baby is joyful, satisfied and sleeps well.

Hope these 12 baby care questions will solve all sorts of questions for new moms. Have a happy motherhood and happy baby. Take care and live well!

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