10 ways how your Finger nail says about your Health

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Finger nail resembles our health and its status. Everyone of us possesses finger nail, since from infancy. It structure, texture, shape etc varies from person to person. Today we will be telling you how your finger nails actually resembles your health.

We care our nails a lot. This case is especially seen among girls, Manicure is the process to keep the nails and hands beautiful and gorgeous.

Many people have hard, soft, pinkish, yellowish and such kinds of nails. We don’t think much about them, but here is a test which will tell you about your nails correlating your health and any disorder.

10 forms of Finger nail correlating to health:

finger nail
finger nail

1. White nails-

If you notice your finger nails to be fully white, or same as of pale milk color then it be sign of some disorder! Generally, we know if our body lacks blood then it looks yellowish or whitish.

You full white nails can be the sign of anemia, diabetes or serious liver disorder.

2. Tender nails-

Many people have nails, which easily breaks. Even if you twist it a bit, it will break in scales or will get layered. These kinds of nails, can be signifying thyroid related problems.

3. Bluish or gray nails-

You must have heard, when a people suffers from pneumonia or such problems, the nails turns bluish or grayish. If you notice your nails regularly as blue or gray, then it might be showing lack of oxygen in body, some respiratory problems or heart problems too.

4. Thick or yellow nails-

Many people have very thick nails, which looks pale and yellowish. Those looks very unattractive and different. Those nails resembles some kind of fungal infections or the starting of skin disorders.

5. White lines on nails-

This of course looks as a nailpaint trend, but don’t take it easily. If you too notice, white lines on your nails then it may be showing your body lacks proteins and vitamins. In addition, it also signifies some sorts of kidney and liver problems.

6. Skin tearing from the sides of nails-

If you too notice, that the skin around your nails is removing or getting peeled then it can be some sign. This generally happens, when your body is dehydrated and your skin is lacking moisture.

7. Dark lines on nails-

An appearance of straight dark lines, on finger nails is also noticeable. These lines indicates melanoma, which may also be signifying the onset of skin cancer in your body.

8. Crack or scaled nails-

If your nails looks very absurd, with several cracks or scale formation then it also signifies some facts. It may be showing some sort of dermal problems. Keep an eye on it, and visit to the physician immediately.

9. Inside/Outside curved nails-

Well it looks good, but can also be a danger sign. Many people have inwards curved nails, with white patch on end. If your nails are inwards curved, then it can be showing lack of Iron content in body.

In opposite, if it is outwards curved, then it might be indicating leukaemia.

10. Healthy nails-

If your nails are fully slim, free from patches and good-looking then, it is the sign of healthy nails. It means that your body is fully fit and abiding all sorts of problems.

In this way we saw how our finger nail, signifies our health status. Have a look to your nails and find out, it which category it falls. Hope every one of you have the nails as described in #10.

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