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health benefits of bhetki fish

Health Benefits of Bhetki Fish

Bhetki fish, also known as “Bhala” in West Bengal, is a very common and preferred delicacy in Bengali cuisine. This fish could be easily identified with its long body a short tail. It's easy...
homemade gargles to combat flu

4 homemade gargles to combat flu and viral infections

This is the season of maladies; every second day we are witnessing climate change; sometimes rainy, sometimes chilling, and sometimes hot! What can we witness with all these seasons in a day? And this...
benefits of using earthen pots

Health benefits and other advantages of using earthen pots in your kitchen

Randomly go to your or any of your known people's kitchens, what material utensils you will find? Ceramics, glass, silicone, steel, aluminum, Teflon, etc. How many of you will find earthenwares? What, earthenware, that...
Acupressure points

10 Acupressure points to treat Body Pains

In our day-to-day lives, we suffer from different body pains which can be quite aggressive too. Many times, they are so hectic and makes us feel as a patient! Today we will be telling...