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Yoga Ayurveda and Vegetarian meals

Vegetarian meals play a huge part in an Ayurveda diet, along with a number of other rules as well. These rules are followed in most Indian households today, even those who might not be practicing intentionally. The entire point of the Ayurveda diet is to help the body maintain a delicate balance of tastes and flavors, and also to remove and flush out all unnecessary toxins from the body

10 Health benefits of Cucumber

There are many vegetables and fruits which are known as alternatives to water. They contain the maximum amount of water thus known as 'watery fruits'. As we know, water is a universal solvent which...

5 Big Health benefits of little Noni fruit

Fruits are the best and the pious thing for anyone's diet. Noni fruit; looks like custard apple is a very healthy and miracle kind of fruit. Being rich in nutrients, it can be said...
Fruits and vegetables boost Immunity

15 Fruits and Vegetables to boost immunity

Imagine that you are cooking your favorite mouth-watering dish and suddenly you are out of LPG at your home. Then, how will you feel? Irritated of course. Similar is with our bodies. It works...