5 Empowering Herbs in Ayurveda Science

Herbs represent the most effective Ayurvedic approach to healing illness. In Herbology, there are numerous herbs which are a kind of miracle in itself. Today we will be making you aware of such 5...
coronary heart disease

Coronary Heart disease and its Ayurvedic remedy

In the present world, diseases and maladies have enveloped our world to a great extent that everyone is prone to it. Many of us suffer from major diseases and rest is prone to minor...
gem corn

Gem Corn: The Natural and healthy way to eat rainbow

Bored of yellowish and white corn! Now discover something new, something colorful and healthy. Yes the thing is here. Today we will be talking about a corn which has multicolored cobs and looks just...
Fruits for Pitta dosha

Pitta pacifying fruits to balance Pitta Dosha

Pitta governs all heat, metabolism, and transformation in the mind and body. It is the dosha type which is symbolized by heat and aggressiveness.  Today we will be telling you the fruits recommended to...