20 Health benefits of Neem leaves

benefits of Neem leaves: In India, plants are worshiped as Gods and Goddesses. Many plants such as Holy Basil, Banyan, Peepal, Banana, Mango, Neem etc are considered as the sacred one. During festive occasion,...
Three Doshas

The Three Doshas in Ayurveda

The Three Doshas  The holistic science of Ayurveda was planted more than 5000 years ago. In Ayurveda every person is unique with a different constitution of doshas. You must have come across with the words...

15 Health benefits and uses of Banyan tree you don’t know about

Every living being has its lifespan; like humans possess 100 years, tortoise for 200 years, a dog for 20 years and much more like that. There are many trees and plants which are quite...

Repair Your Kidneys Naturally Using Baking Soda – A Simple Home Remedy

DO YOU KNOW ABOUT YOUR KIDNEY? Kidneys are two bean-shaped organs found on left and right sides of the body which filter the blood to make urine to release and retain water in body and...