5 Health benefits of Shankhpushpi – Brain tonic herb

Shankhpushpi is a herb plant, known for its multiple benefits. In all, it is highly popular for its brain development features. Today we will be talking about the benefits of Shankhpushpi. Where the plants are...
Dried figs as dry fruits

5 Reasons why everyone should include Fig in their daily diet

Fig also called anjeer is a fruit, which is also served as a dry fruit in different cuisines. Health experts believe that including this very thing in your daily diet can be boon for...
Flowers of Tesu

15 Medicinal uses and benefits of Tesu flower plant

You might have seen a reddish-orange coloured flower, used in Holi. Yes, it is Tesu flower or Palash flower. Today we will be telling you the medicinal usages and benefits of this beautiful looking,...
cow worship

Gomutra Ark: A magical liquid similar to ‘Sanjeevani’

In India, we worship cow as Mother Goddess, we call her 'Kamdhenu'. Milk obtained from cow is regarded same as nectar! Do you the urine of cow, also called 'gomutra' can do miracles for...