Top 12 Proven health benefits of Onion

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Each and everything produced in soil has some medicinal properties in it. Many of us are unaware of this fact. Just take the example of condiments used in Indian cooking like chillies, garlic, ginger, cumin, turmeric, onions etc. All are rich in medicinal benefits. Let’s talk about “Health Benefits of Onion” in this article.

Our nature has provided us many things which are really like nectar for us! In the ancient times, when there were no hospitals, clinics or any medical facility available; still treatments took place which were 100% natural and effective. It is called naturopathy.

Those were the results of dedication saints and sage who by their spiritual being; were able to grasp knowledge about the medicinal properties of herbs and natural ingredients. THose were like miracle happening!

In the same way, here we will be talking about a herb plant which is commonly used in Indian kitchens. It comes under the bulb category. It is Medicinal benefits of Onion! Many of us admire onion as a simple edible; but this small bulb has hidden numerous benefits in it. Lets proceed to these-



Onion is a biennial plant which grows 2-3 ft tall. The fruit grows in its root part and above bears green, hollow and cylindrical leaves which are edible too. Onion belongs to kingdom Plantae and ‘Amaryllidaceae’ family. Its binomial name is “Allium cepa” which is Latin in origin.

Properties and composition of onion

Based on colour; onion is found in two varieties; red and white. It is a vegetable which is used all across India. Fruits are dehiscent which has small black seeds. Onion bulb is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, B, C etc.

It contains a volatile oil which gives very unpleasant odour. Onions are hot, pungent, hot, heavy in digestion and slightly bitter. Red onions are much pungent than the white ones. This is reason why tears comes out while chopping onions! Now, lets move to the medicinal and herbal benefits of onion-

Onion cultivation
Onion cultivation

Health benefits of Onion:

This pungent, cute and hot vegetable has certain medicinal benefits in it. Here is top 10 proven health benefits of Onion

1Benefits of Onion for eyes

Can anyone guess this hot and prickling vegetable can treat eyes? But this is a fact! It has been scientifically proved that; certain eye problems can be cured. Mix onion juice with honey in equal quantity. Make eye drop and use it 1-1 drop twice a day.

It is capable to cure eye infections like conjunctivitis, parasite disorders, eyesight and many more. Even the herbal eye drop made in Patanjali “Drishti eye drop” contains the juice of white onion in it.

For night blindness, squeeze onin juice and a little amount of salt to it. Use this liquid 2-2 drops twice a day. There are others Medicinal benefits of Onion for eye also found.

2Cures cough

Onion has the capacity to cure both; dry as well as cold cough. For children, take 5-10 ml of onion juice and equal amount of sugar mixed in it. Give this dose twice a day. In heavy cough, you can also prepare a decoction of onion and give 40-60 gm twice a day.

For adults, boil 1-2 onion in water and give it to patient. This is the best cure for cough.

3For throat problems

In any kind of throat problem, grind one medium-sized onion in vinegar and give this to the patient. Repeat this for twice a day. This will easily cure throat disorders.

4Onion benefits For tooth ache

If you are suffering from severe tooth ache, then take onion and black cumin seeds in a chilum and inhale its smoke. It cures swelling of gums and tooth ache.

5Benefits of Onion For sleeplessness

Prepare tea of onion seeds and give this to the patient. This is good for all age persons, it cures sleeplessness and insomnia easily.

6Cures cholesterol problems

Cholesterol is a problem in which the oil/fat level in body gets raised. It can even lead to sudden heart attacks. here is a very simple method to cure cholesterol problem using onions. With your lunch or dinner have some slices of onion.

7Keep your heart healthy

Lots of Research shows that eating onions helps to reduce heart disease risk factors,
such as high blood pressure,cure the cholesterol level too, elevated triglyceride levels and Onion also help your keep smiling

8Cancer-Fighting Compounds

in 2004 Cornell university conducted a research and found Many onions are chock full of anti-cancer chemicals. However, certain varieties are particularly high in these compounds as well as more effective in inhibiting liver and colon cancer cell growth. read full article

9Improve Immune System

Onions contain selenium that stimulates immune function of the body. onion contain anti-inflammatory properties that helps to improve asthma and other breathing issue.

10Onion Benefits to Make Skin Glow

Onion itself packed with rich Vitamin A, C and E – And all These are responsible for healthy skin. Onion protect your skin from anti-aging that caused by free radicals.

11Prevent Blood Clots

A compound called rutin used to found in onion which is very helpful to prevent blood from clotting.
The compound rutin block an enzyme, which helps it to release very quickly when blood clots form.

12Enhance Brain Health

Few researches suggest that antioxidants compounds in onion helps to fight with harmful toxin in brain and flush them out of the body. Sulfur-containing compounds can helps in slow down age-related memory loss.

Onion is a very cute vegetable and full of benefits. Normally, you should include onion in your daily diet. Take care and live well!


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