10 Health benefits of Mulethi you may not be knowing

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Mulethi is a well-known herb in Indian treatment. It is used in several purposes, especially for kids. Do you know, that Mulethi has many other health benefits too. Today we will be talking about the Health benefits of Mulethi.

Appearance of Mulethi herb:

plant of mulethi

Mulethi is a common plant known to all. It is not grown well in India and is imported from outside. The roots are the main part off the plant and used in several health issues.

Mulethi plant bears elongated and oval-shaped leaves. It also bears lily kind of white flowers.

Nomenclature of Mulethi herb:

English name– Liquorice root

Hindi name– Mulethi

Sanskrit name– Madhuk, Madhuyastika

Persian name– Birvemahak

Kingdom– Plantae

Family name– Papilionaceae

Botanical name– Glycyrrhiza glabra

Chemical composition:

Mulethi contains sweet extract, known as glycerryzin and has sugar, sucrose, ddextrose, starch protein, fat, resin and Aspargin. It is vata pitta shamak in nature.

Now, we shall be talking about the health benefits of Mulethi. Guys, don’t just read the usages and benefits. The best thing will be when you use it for the same.

roots of Mulethi
roots of Mulethi

Health benefits of Mulethi herb:

1. Enhance hair growth-

  • Prepare a decoction of Mulethi root. Using the decoction, wash the hairs.
  • It enhance hair growth and makes your hair softer and stronger.
  • Grind mulethi with sesame seeds and buffalo milk.
  • Apply the paste on head.
  • It controls hairfall.

2. Aids in Epilepsy-

  • In acute Epilepsy, make a powder of the plant and give 1 teaspoon of its powder with ghee.
  • Give this thrice a day.
  • It lowers the rate of convulsion and even treats Epilepsy.

3. Treatment for Ulcers

  • In case of ulcer in stomach or intestine, give 1 teaspoon of its root powder with a cup of milk. Give this thrice a day.
  • Doing this daily cures ulcers in a few weeks.
  • While the treatment, avoid chili and spicy food.

4. For  Conjunctivitis-

  • Grind mulethi roots in water.
  • Dip a piece of cotton in this solution and tie on the eyes.
  • It cures conjunctivitis and redness of the eyes.

5. Treats Dry cough-

  • Take a teaspoon of its powder with honey.
  • Take the dosage as thrice a day.
  • It induces cough and thus treats it.

6. Heals Headache

  • In any type of headache, mix one part of its powder with 4 parts of kalihari powder and a little amount of mustard oil.
  • Let the patient inhale this mixture.
  • It cures headache in no time.

7. Treats Gout

  • Prepare a medicated oil of Mulethi root and gambhari.
  • Massage the affected areas and joints with it,
  • It is very beneficial treatment for Gout.

8. Helpful cure for Jaundice-

  • Give 1 teaspoon of its powder with honey.
  • Or, prepare the decoction and give it to  the patient.
  • It is very useful in Jaundice.

9. Aids in Malnutrition in Infants-

  • In case, the fetus is growing weak in womb do the following.
  • Take equal quantities of fruits of Gambhari, mulethi and sugar.
  • Mix them well and give 15-20 gm of this mixture boiled with milk twice a day to the pregnant woman.

10. Increases Physical strength-

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of its powder with 1/ teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of ghee.
  • Give it to the patient with a cup of milk twice a day.
  • Continue this treatment for 6 weeks.
  • It improves physical strength.

You must be amazed of these health benefits, aren’t you! If you are getting any of these above listed trouble, then must give it a try.  Hope you like the article, share it to all. Take care and live well!

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