12 Health benefits of Traditional Indian Herb- Bhang

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When we take the name Bhang, the remembrance of Holi and MahaShivratri comes to our mind! Bhang or Indian Hemp is an Indian herb, which is closely related to Indian culture and mythologies. Today we will be talking about the benefits of this plant.

Bhang or Indian Hemp is a yearly plant which belongs to the cannabis family. It has multiple benefits and usages.

Appearance of Bhang plant:

Indian Hemp
Plant of Indian Hemp

Indian hemp/bhang is a herb plant which grows 3-8 ft tall with soft hairs on it. The leaves are arranged in a symmetrical alternating order. The leaves on upper part of plant are in a group of 1-3 while those on lower part, are in groups of 3-8.

It bears small, greenish fruits which have a tiny flat seed inside it. The plant bears fruits and flowers in autumn season.

Where are these found?

The plants of Bhang are found growing naturally all over India, especially in Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Bihar.

Flowers of Indian hemp
Flowers of Indian hemp


The leaves of male plants are dried to prepare an intoxicating drink ‘bhang‘ and the resinous flowers of female plants are dried to prepare ‘ganja‘. The resin which is deposited on the leaves and branches of the plant is known as ‘charas‘.

Chemical composition of Bhang plant:

It contains a sweetish, brownish coloured resin, known as cannabinol. It also contains gum, sugar, a volatile oil and minerals like calcium phosphate.

It has a sticky, red coloured thick oil which becomes resinous in open air.

Traditional bhang drink
Traditional bhang drink

Nomenclature of Bhang:

English name– Indian Hemp

Hindi name– Bhang, Bhung

Sanskrit name– Bhanga vijaya, Madkarini

Arabic name– Kinnab, Kunnab

Persian name– Kanab, Kinab, Bang

Kingdom– Plantae

Family name– Cannabinaceae

Botanical nameCannabis sativa

Now, let us talk about the health benefits of Bhang plant. It is not just a traditional plant, the benefits are much more than that.

Health benefits of Indian Hemp:

1. Treats Indigestion-

  • Take  500 mg powder of Black pepper and Bhang.
  • Give this to the patient with honey every morning and evening.
  • It  works like an appetizer and promotes appetite.

2. Reduces swelling testes-

  • Soak bhang leaves in water for sometime, then rinse the testicles with this water.
  • You can also tie it on the testicles.
  • It cures the swelling.

3. Reduces Abdominal pain-

  • Take equal quantities of Bhang and black pepper.
  • Prepare tablets of the mixture and give 1/2 gm of this tablet with jaggery.
  • It cures pain in stomach and abdominal area.

4. Treatment for Asthma

  • Give 125 mg roasted Bhang with 2 gm black pepper and 2 gm sugar candy.
  • It controls the severity of Asthma.
  • Inhale the smoke of Bhang.
  • It is very beneficial in curing Asthma.

5. Reduces Headache

  • Grind its leaves and inhale the powder.
  • Or, heat the juice of its leaves and then put 2-3 drops in the ears.
  • It cures headache due to excessive cold or heat.

6. Aids in Irritable Bowel Syndrome-

  • Grind and sieve 100 gm Bhang, 200 gm shunthi and 400 gm cumin seeds.
  • Make 80 packets of this powder.
  • Give 1 packet every morning and evening for 40 days, 1/2 hour before meal with 1-2 teaspoon of curd.
  • This treatment helps cure even old syndromes.

7. Treats Malaria-

  • Take 1 gm powder of bhang and 2 gm jaggery.
  • Mix them and form 4 tablets.
  • Give 1 tablet every morning and evening at the interval of 2 hours, repeat this after consecutive next two hours.
  • It cures the fever due to cold.

8. Relieves Ulcers and Wounds-

  • Make the powder of bhang leaves and sprinkle on ulcers and wounds.
  • It gives fast relief.

9. Aids in Arthritis

  • Get the seed oil of Bhang and massage on the affected areas.
  • It cures arthritis.

10. Curbs Piles-

  • Apply a pack of 10 gm of green or dried bhang and 30 gm linseed on painful piles.
  • It gives relief in pain and also controls the itching.

11. Treats Urinary disorders-

  • Grind ‘ganja’ in castor oil and apply on the urinary bladder.
  • It strengthens the organ and also curbs any disorder in it.

12. Helpful in Tetanus-

  • Give fumes of bhang. It slowly reduces the intensity.
  • Repeat this treatment to completely cure the patient.
  • Or, roast 2 gm bhang in 125 mg ghee and mix with 2 gm black pepper and sugar candy.
  • Give this to the patient 3-4 times a day.

So, these were the immense health benefits of Bhang or Indian Hemp. Being a traditional herb, it has also the widest range of health benefits. If you are also suffering from any of the above listed sickness, then must give bhang a try.

Try this and share your experience with us. Share to all and spread the awareness. Take care and live well!


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