Ayurvedic remedy for Paralysis and Parkinson’s disease

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Our world is very beautiful but is characterized by merits as well as demerits. As every living thing has some good as well as bad things in it; similarly our living planet “Earth” has also some mishaps occurred. Those are called ‘diseases’. The meaning of disease is; lack of comfort.

Dis= Lack of; ease=comfort! There are thousands types of disease occurring in specific organs. Here we will talking about the malfunctioning or disease of nervous system called “Parkinson’s disease”. We will also be talking about paralysis and poliomyelitis in brief.

Parkinson’s disease:-

Brain problem
Neurological disorder

It is a degenerative disorder of CNS (Central Nervous System) which affects the motor system. As we know, brain is the delicate sponge type of organ which controls and stimulates all the functions of the body. It is protected with a hard skull. It is very hard to guess, what will be the condition of the individual suffering from brain disease.

These kinds of diseases takes place when nerve cells are unable or lacks to produce brain chemical called ‘dopamine’. Neurons are the functional units of brain; when they are unable to response then such disorders can also occur. It can be due to nervous weakness, blockage of veins, diabetes disorders and many more.

Brain working
Brain problem

Brain diseases are commonly termed as neurological disorders or psychiatric diseases. In the same case, paralysis is also referred as the same. In this the signals coming from brain gets disturbed and simply our muscles and motor system tends to be weakened in response.

It is caused due to the damage in spinal cord or nervous system. There can be many reasons for the occurrence of neurological disorders like stroke, trauma, cerebral disorder, stress and so on. These diseases get fatal in no time and can be fatal for one’s health.

Due to such disorders, suffering individual gets unable to respond normally as their brain is not working well and in a normal status. In severe cases, the person gets so sick that he/ she is unable to carry our daily routine properly.

Healthy vs diseases brain
Neurological brain

Symptoms of Parkinson’s disease:-

  • Tremor
  • Slow response and movement
  • Shaking and vibration in limbs (In severe cases, due to abnormal nerve impulses even the whole body can start shaking)
  • Rigidity and aching of muscles
  • Poor coordination and balance
  • Insomnia

Severity of disease:-

As we know, every disease in severe cases tends to be quite fatal and dangerous. Especially, in brain disorders this case becomes much suspecting. In this disease, the clot occurs in veins and brain arteries which tends in abnormal behaviours.

As the situation progresses, the disorder becomes worsen. In some cases strains and trauma can even turn the patient to coma. The best remedy applied this time is to stay smiley and happy! As this will avoid depression and stress!

Ayurveda cure

Ayurvedic remedy for Paralysis and Parkinson’s disease

With the advancement of technologies, certain modern equipments and treatments has been discovered as their own characteristics. Here we will be talking about one of the ancient treatment which was discovered approximately 5000 years ago. Can you guess what’s it!

Yes, it is “Ayurveda” also termed as ‘The science of life’. This was originated in the holy land of India by saints and experts. With the advancement in technologies, this treatment got many progress and lately many more procedures were discovered.

This treatment is free from painful procedures and surgeries; in addition the medicines provided is fully natural and free from side-effects. So now, lets march to the divine world of Ayurveda. It has its own characteristics and remedy for all the diseases.

Well, one can say that Ayurveda is simply a process which is about to provide you a good style of living in a natural way. So, lets move to the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and paralysis in the versatile method of Ayurveda-

Oil massaging technique
Oil massaging technique

Important remedy solutions for treatment of Parkinson’s disease and paralysis

  1. Pranayama is the best remedy to cure neural problems. It relax your mind as well as soul making you free from disorders. Anulom-vilom Pranayama, Kapalbhati pranayama etc should be performed in a daily basis. It will take 45-60 minutes with a great determination. One should have patience while doing this as it will take 6-12 months for total recovery. In the cases of polio, if its is in first stage then it will be cured easily with pranayama in few months only.
  2. Use the flour made of wheat, gram and barley.
  3. Mukta vati; an Ayurvedic remedy can be taken that will heal the disorder.
  4. On a daily basis, take a glass of juice prepared using cucumber, bitter gourd and tomato. You can have it twice a day.
  5. Neem is the good remedy for neurological diseases. You can have it in raw form or cooked. Make a juice of it and have in a daily basis.
  6. Shilajeet and Ashwagandha; is the remedy that works best on polio and Parkinson’s disease. In severe cases, the dosage of shilajeet can be increased.
  7. Take the food stuffs that strengthen your brain cells; you can have a glass of milk with almonds which will help to cure the disease.
  8. Keep in mind, cow’s milk is useful to cure the disease whereas buffalo’s milk can increase the symptoms.
  9. Take the ‘badam rogan’ in nostrils for 2-5 drops . Swallow it inside the oesophagus and it will be helpful to cure the disease.
  10. Acupressure remedy seems the best; it was the origination of India but afterwards was adopted by Chinese culture. In this, certain points and channels of body is concerned which is helpful to treat the disease. Deeply massage on the back of limbs; press all the running channels and tips of the fingers and on the middle. Doing this will make you feel little pain but is very helpful for the cure of disease.
  11. Take 5-10 gm of Ekangvir ras, 10 gm of Parvarat pishti, 10 gm of Amrita sat, 2-5 gm of Moti pishti, 1 gm of Yogendra ras and 1 gm of Rasraj ras. Make 60 equal doses of it and take it twice a day with milk, honey or cream. The medicinal ingredients dissolves the clot in veins and activates your brain cells. It enhance your circulatory system and cures the ailment.
  12. Triyodashang guggal; Shilajeet and Chandraprabha vati, Medha vati. Have these twice a day with milk.
  13. Take Ashwagandha churna2-5 gm twice a day with cow’s milk.  If you are having digestive problem then can opt for Ashwagandharisht in instead.
  14. If the case is so severe that the person is unable to move the limbs then you can opt for an Ayurvedic oil. You can even prepare it at home. Take 100 Ashwagandha, 100 gm of Malkangani, 100 gm of garlic, Nirgundi, Harshringar and oak leaves. Grind these well and cook in 10 kg of water. Cook till it remains 2 kg. Now add 1 cup of til oil in it. Cook well and while cooking 1 gm of saffron in it. Strain the residue; and store the cooked oil in air tight container. Massage this twice a day on hands and legs; you should massage from the finger channels; this is the right way.
  15. In acupressure, press all the tips o the fingers; especially the ring toe. This is the master point. It will create some pain but its good for the disorder. Massage your legs well.

A disease is cured only when you are strictly following precautionary measures and careful about your health. As in every disease, certain precautions are necessary similarly in Parkinson’s disease and Paralysis; certain things should be cared. Following are some of the tips that you should avoid if suffering from brain problems-

Precautionary measures and tips for neurological problems:-

  1. If you are suffering from any of the neuro-disorders; then avoid buffalo’s milk. It can increase the symptom and in opposite cow’s milk is a good remedy for brain problems.
  2. Spicy and heavy food should be avoided.
  3. Junk foods like colas, burgers, pizzas, fries etc are strictly prohibited.
  4. Cauliflower is the enemy of brain problems; cabbage is a good thing but you must avoid cauliflower, jack fruit and other heavy food stuffs.
  5. If you are suffering from digestive problem; then instead of Ashwagandha churna; practice Ashwagandha risht.
  6. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease should increase the fibre content in their diet. Cereals, bran, pasta, fresh fruits etc should be included.
  7. Salt and sugar intake should be minimized and control.
  8. You should avoid cholesterol and saturated fats in your diet.
  9. Water intake should be 8-9 glass a day.
  10. Those suffering from Parkinson’s disease should avoid non-veg foods like red meat, chicken etc.

Guys, there are a vast number of option in the treatment of Ayurveda. The best thing about this treatment is; it is affordable by everyone. Give Ayurveda a chance, and see its miracle. So, stay natural live safe!

 [Updated On]: 14th May, 2015


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