Homemade Multigrain Aata for Diabetes and other health issues

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Whatever you eat, either you are fighting the disease or feeding it! It’s a very good line, said by someone. Using lots of medicines, and there is no response! Your diet and eating habits can be responsible for that. Today we will be giving you a very simpler tip, in the form of ‘multigrain aata’.

In today’s world, 8 out of 10 are having some illness, may be major or minor. Aata or Flour is the very common food ingredient used in daily lives. Mostly we use wheat flour available in markets.

Wheat Flour and Diabetes:

Simple wheat flour does none for your diabetes control! In addition, if there is some maida or refined flour in it then it can rise your blood sugar indeed.

Diabetics must eat multigrain aata instead or normal ones. The ingredients present help to increase insulin response and keeps diabetes on bay.

multigrains for aata

multigrains for aata

Aata preparation in olden days:

During the times of our grandmothers, very few people preferred market available things, same in aata.

  • They used to get gehu (wheat) and other grains at home.
  • Afterwards, washed it twice and sun dried it.
  • After that they used to grind it in mill to form aata.

This is actually the perfect and healthy way, where you can assure for wholly natural flour. Today we will be telling you this way only, to get healthy and natural aata.

Let’s see this.

Ingredients for Multigrain Aata:

  • Whole wheat- 2 kgs
  • Ragi or Finger millets- 1 kgs
  • Oats- 500 gms
  • Soya- 250 gms
  • Red gram- 250 gms
  • Corn- 250 gms

How to prepare this?

  1. Take all these and wash thoroughly, twice or thrice to that all the dirt gets out.
  2. You can sprout the ragi, soya and red gram too. It will increase its nutritive value.
  3. Now sundry it, so that all the grains get dried fully.
  4. Now remove it from sun and send it to mill for grinding.

Your multigrain aata is ready. The texture of this flour will be little brownish and cream-colored due to the presence of different grains in it.

You can easily prepare chappatis, paratha and other things from it.

Multigrain flour results on Diabetics:

Multigrain aata

Multigrain aata

For diabetics, this flour is going to work like a magic wand. It will lower the glycemic index naturally and in eased way.

A healthy person can also use this, it will keep diseases on the bay.

Give this flour a try and see the miracle yourself. Although, it will take some extra labour and time but unknowingly you will be inviting great health to your home.

What can be superior than your health! Take care and live well.

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