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Sun Salutation- A complete workout for healthy living

Sun Salutation; also called Surya Namaskara in Hindi is regarded as the complete workout for a healthy life. One who regularly perform this; stays...
Ayurveda treatment for respiratory problems

Ayurveda for Respiratory Ailments

Ayurveda is known as the traditional form of healing. It has been practiced since from ages. It was said and also a well-known fact...
health benefits of spices

Health Benefits of using spices

Spices are considered as one of the most important ingredient of our daily food stuffs. Most of the spices are obtained from bark, roots,...
healthy heart healthy life

Strengthen your cardiovascular system

Introduction- ‘Cardio’ is a Greek form of word derived from the word kardia that means ‘Heart’. Cardiovascular health refers to the healthy functioning o our...