8 Amazing Health benefits of Sorrel (Changeri)

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Sorrel or Changeri is an Indian herb, with multiple benefits. Today our discussion will be on herb topic, and we will be talking about the description and health benefits of Sorrel.

The appearance of sorrel (Changeri) :

benefits of Sorrel (Changeri)
Plant of Indian sorrel

The plant is very short and spreads around. The leaves are 2 1/2 to 10 inch long, and grow on short stems. The leaves grow in group of three. The flowers are yellowish or pinkish in color.

The plant bears fruits which are long, round and hairy. They have multiple dark gray oval seeds with stripes.

Nomenclature of the sorrel (Changeri):

English name- Indian sorrel
Hindi name- Tinpatia
Sanskrit name- Changeri, Amla patrika
Punjabi name- Khatti buti, Khatmittha
Kannada name- Pullu Puluche
Dravidi name- Pudia Rai
Kingdom- Plantae
Family name- Oxalidaceae
Scientific name- Oxalis corniculata

Where it is found?

benefits of Sorrel (Changeri)
leaves of changeri

It is found all over India in the warm areas and also in the Himalayas, upto the heights of 6000 ft. The plant bears flowers and fruits throughout the year.

Properties sorrel (Changeri):

It is slightly acidic and astringent with warm properties in it. It is beneficial for Asthma and improves potency. It is a rich source of Vitamin C and cures several diseases like swelling, blood disorders, pain, liver problems etc.

Now we shall be talking about the health benefits of Changeri. In many parts of India, it is considered as a weed. Get ready to be surprised of its benefits!

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Health benefits of sorrel:

1Treats Headache

  • Mix equal quantities of its juice and onion juice.
  • Apply this mixture on the forehead.
  • It treats headache.

2Aids in Stomach pain

  • Take 40-60 gm decoction of changeri, added with roasted hing and murabba.
  • Give this to the patient, twice a day.
  • It cures stomach pain effectively.

3Good for Halitosis

  • Chew its 2-3 leaves like betel leaf.
  • Doing this regularly, cures the foul smell coming from mouth.
  • You can also use its dried leaves to brush the teeth.

4Strengthens digestive system

  • Use the leaves of changeri to prepare dishes, you can use it same as condiments.
  • Give this regularly to the patient.
  • It improves digestion power and also improves appetite.

5Helpful in IBS

  • Take its whole plant and extract juice from it.
  • Add pepper and 4 times of curd into the mixture.
  • Cook this and give it to the patient regularly.
  • This helps to cure the disorder.

6Treats Piles

  • Roast its whole plant in ghee and then prepare dish with it.
  • Give this to the patient, with curd.
  • Take equal quantities of fresh leaves of Indian sorrel, Jungle flame and leadwort.
  • Roast all these in ghee.
  • Give this to the patient with ghee.

7Treats Constipation

  • Give 2-5 gm juice of changeri, twice a day.
  • It is beneficial in constipation.
  • In case of old constipation, boil 4-5 leaves of it and give them along with buttermilk or curd.

8For Intoxication due to Dhatura

  • Give 20-40 ml fresh juice of its leaves.
  • It nullifies the intoxication impact of both dhatura and poppy seeds.

In this way we saw the health benefits of Changeri. So now, what do you say! Is it a weed or potential medicine.

If you are suffering from any of the diseases listed above, then give it a try under the physician’s advice. Share it to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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