Home Health Tips Groundnut(Peanut) : 5 Health Benefits everyone should know about

Groundnut(Peanut) : 5 Health Benefits everyone should know about

groundnuts or peanuts inside the husk
groundnuts inside the husk
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Nuts and seeds holds a major part of our diet. These are used in different forms, and are highly nutritious.
Today our topic is on groundnut which is also known as 'peanut'. 

Introduction to Groundnut:

groundnuts inside the husk
groundnuts(peanuts) inside the husk

The groundnut belongs to the pea and bean family, and is a legume plant. The plant is a variable annual herb, which grows up-to 50 cm in height. The botanical name is Arachis hypogaea.

It is also called Mungphali, peanut, monkeynut, ground pea and many more.


8. How the plant develops fruit?

The flowers of the plant, develop a stalk which enters into the soil. It forms a pod containing generally two seeds. They become mature in about two months, signing as the leaves turning yellow.

The plant is then removed from the earth and allowed to dry. After three to six weeks, they are separated from the plant.


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