Try these 10 throat exercises to stop snoring

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Occasional snoring is normal. It occurs when air cannot move smoothly through your throat or nose during sleep.  But if it happens regularly, snoring can affect your health. Snoring can disturb the quality of your sleep. When your sleep is compromised, you can become irritable and you can suffer from daytime fatigue. Lack of sleep can also affect your judgment, rational skills, and mood. read the full article to get a solution to stop snoring.

So, Do you want disruptive snoring to go away?  Try these 10 throat exercises to Stop Snoring. These techniques can improve the muscles of your throat. The directions are easy to understand and you can do this at home anytime.

Snoring problem

Follow these simple throat exercises to stop snoring 

1. Chin presses

Weak throat muscles can cause snoring. Improve the strength of your throat muscle by doing chin presses. Put a finger on your chin, press it back, and down. Your chin must appear slightly tucked. Hold this position for several seconds, and then relax. You should feel the side muscles of your neck tense up during this exercise.  Do this process several times before sleeping.

2. Sing everyday

If your throat muscles are too relaxed then that might cause snoring. Tone your throat by singing your heart out. This practice makes you expand your throat and open your mouth wide. It can improve your control in the muscles of your throat and the soft palate. It can also prevent the collapse of your throat muscles during sleep. Do this technique every day for 20 minutes.

3. Vocalize

Strengthen your pharynx and neck muscles by vocalizing. Vocalizing prompts used by singers to improve their voices can also prevent snoring. Say the syllable “La” using different pitches and notes for three seconds. Repeat this exercise five times. Concentrate on your neck and throat muscles while doing this.

After that, replace “La” with the syllable “Ka”. Repeat the same process. Following the same routine, say “Ma” five times. These changes will heighten your throat muscles. Act on these muscles but don’t strain them. Try to do this vocalizing technique at least twice a day.  For best results, do this before sleeping.

4. Speak Aloud

Say the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) aloud. Say it slowly at first then increase your speed each day. Do this exercise for 1 to 3 minutes. Repeat this method thrice a day.

5. Sip through a straw

As mentioned, snoring happens when the air is trapped in throat muscles. Avoid snoring by enhancing the flexibility of your muscles. This will allow air to pass freely in your throat as you sleep.

Imagine sipping water through a straw. Imitate this image by inhaling using pursed lips. Maintain this position for about five seconds. Then, press your lips together and swallow the inhaled air. Repeat this process at least five times a day. This will help in stretching and strengthening the muscles of your throat.

6. Open up

Improve the strength of the tongue and its surrounding muscles to prevent snoring. Do this by sticking your tongue straight out. Extend your tongue flat and as far as you can. Without curling your tongue, move it from right to left, and up to down. Rest for a few seconds, and repeat this process thrice.

7. Tongue slide

Make your throat and tongue muscles tough by doing a tongue slide. Place the tip of your tongue behind your top front teeth. Move your tongue backward. Do this technique for three minutes per day. 

8. Jaw slide

Improve the muscles surrounding your throat by sliding your jaw. Move your jaw slowly to the right. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Then, repeat the same process on your left.

9. Roar

Improve the muscles at the back of your throat by mimicking the facial expression of a tiger about to roar. Stretch your mouth as wide as you can. Stick your tongue downward and extend it as far as possible. You should feel the uvula, the small ball-shaped flesh in the back of your throat, lift upwards. You can use a mirror to confirm the position of your uvula. Maintain your uvula lifted for 5 seconds, and then relax. Repeat this process 10 times. 

10. Smile wide

Open and close your mouth. Make sure that your lips touch each other while doing this. Then, pucker your lips for 10 seconds before releasing them. After that, smile wide for another 10 seconds. Finally, close your mouth and press your lips together. This exercise can strengthen your neck muscles and can improve nasal passage of air.

The mentioned tips are certain ways to help you in your snoring problem. You don’t have to suffer from sleep interruption. You can rest peacefully and stock up your energy for the next day. Sleep well by trying these throat exercises to stop snoring.

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