5 Easy ways to remove Pesticides from fruits and vegetables

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Can you imagine your glossy beautiful fruits contains a heap of pesticides in it! Same case relies with vegetables too. Pesticides and other food chemicals are the time bomb for your body. Today we will be discussing ways to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

Earlier, during the times of our grandparents all the edibles were pure and free from any hazards. They were self-grown and hand plucked abiding any kind of machinery activities. But in the today’s world, farming and agriculture mostly accompanies machines instead of hand labor. Believe it or not, pesticides might be present in fruits and vegetables we eat. They are primarily used during the cultivation of crops and in some cases may remain as residues.

Pesticides are used to protect the crops from worms and insects. Many of them are so reactive, that even spoils the nutrients of the growing food. According to the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), “high levels of pesticide residues can be toxic enough to cause long-term cancer, damage to the nervous and reproductive systems, birth defects, and severe disruption of the immune system.”

Is there any method to keep these away? Yes, there is. We will be talking about the same in this article. Our concerned point will be ways to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables. We will be giving you five simple tricks which will help to keep away those monsters from your lives.

Remove pesticides from fruits
Remove pesticides from fruits

5 Ways to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables:

Here we are giving you some easiest methods to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

1. Soak it into Vinegar:

Soaking your fresh edibles into vinegar is one of the efficient way to remove pesticides from it. Whip up a solution with 10 percent white vinegar and 90 percent water and soak your veggies and fruits in them. Be careful with thin peel edibles, as vinegar could damage their outer surface.

2. Wash it under running water:

Wash your fruits and vegetables with fresh running water. You can also add some salt in water for better cleaning. Almost 75 to 80 percent of pesticide residues are removed by cold water washing. As you bring them from markets, just give it a wash and then store.

3. Blanching:

A short treatment in hot water or steam applied to most of the vegetables. Certain pesticide residues can effectively be removed by blanching. But before blanching it is very important to thoroughly pre-wash the vegetables and fruits.

4. Peeling the skin:

If the fruit or vegetable is treated with vinegar, then most probably it first affects the outer layer which is the peel. As much as possible, remove the peel of the edible then bring it to use. It ensures you to stay free from harmful pesticides.

5. Spray with natural cleaner:

Take 2 tablespoon of lemon juice, 2 teaspoon of baking soda and a cup of water. Mix three of then together and put in a spray bottle. As you bring fruits and vegetables from markets spray it on them. Let is stay for a while and then wash your edibles with regular water. It ensures that it removes almost 80% of pesticides from it.

These were the some of the very easiest methods to remove pesticides from fruits and vegetables. After-all, health is the biggest wealth. Take care and live well!

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