Top 12 Health benefits of Cloves for Skin, Tooth, Asthma

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Cloves are the small flowering buds which are one of the main spice ingredient. Spices also called masala is the major part of India cuisine. Actually, India recepies deals with hot, sour, tangy and pungent and sweet dishes. Spices not only add taste to your food but also add a tint of newness, fraternity, happiness and joy to your lives. It is also said a complete heath is obtained by physical, mental, social, spiritual and financial wellnes.So, spice up your life and make it Lively! Well, here we will be talking about cloves and its benefits.



Cloves are the bud-type flowers which are dried to form the black buds and used as the cloves. This is an evergreen tree which is approximately 40 ft tall. The plant develops several branches from the stem in all the directions. It bears long oval-type, green coloured leaves which are 3-6 inch long. It also bears purple-white coloured flowers which are fragrant. Hence, those gets developed in cloves which are green-yellow in colour the matures o form the clove spice. he tree bears flowers after 9 years of age. Its flowers are dried and sold in market as cloves. Cloves are often used as an Ayurvedic medicine due to its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and analgesics properties.



English name- Clove Hindi name- Lavang, Laung Family name– Myrtaceae Kingdom- Plantae Botanical name- Syzygium aromaticum Sanskrit name- Lavang, Devkusum, Sriprasoon

Uses of Cloves:-

  • Cloves are widely used in Asian, African and Middle-east cuisines in the cooking of curries, gravy items and marinades.
  • Closes are used in raw form in the cooking of Biryanis, Fried rice and many more.
  • The spice is used as a type of cigarette too.
  • Cloves and its extracts are also used as insect and ant repellent.
  • The oil extracted from clove is also used as cosmetics and in the healing of many disorders.
  • Herbal tea or Green tea often includes some extract of clove in it due to its healing properties.

12 Medicinal benefits of Cloves:-

Now, lets talk about the Medicinal benefits of cloves. Firstly we will talk how these tiny spices are used in the cure of several diseases. So, lets move-

  1. For Skin disorders-

  • Clove oil has been found highly beneficial for acne, scars and any kind of bacterial infection. It should be applied on the affected area twice a day.
  • Clove should be used in regular practice as it is rich in antioxidants, making your skin healthy and blemish-free.
  • Clove oil is also good to treat scabies, stings, rashes and other fungal infections.

2. For Tooth-

You must have observed, many of the toothpaste and dental products contains some extracts of clove in it. Clove is very good for tooth; we will see this in the following points;

  • If suffering from root decay, tooth decay or toothache then must use clove oil. It is very good and cures the disorder easily.
  • Include clove in your daily diet; it not only makes your teeth healthier but is also good for gums and cures foul smell.

3. For Asthma-

Apart from Asthma; we will also talk about other respiratory disorders cure;

  • In case of sinusitis, take clove powder oon your nose and in your diet too. It works immensely.
  • For Asthma, take equal quantities of clove, flowers of madar, black salt and black pepper.
  • Make pea sized tablets and tell the patient to slowly suck it.
  • It cures the disorder and also cleanses the respiratory tract.

4. For Eye problems-

  • Grind cloves in a copper vessel and mix with pure honey.
  • Use the solution as eyeliner.
  • It cures seasonal problems of eyes and stye too.

5. For Nausea-

  • Grind dried cloves with warm water.
  • Give this to the patient ; it cures anxiety and thirst.

6. As an Appetizer-

  • Take equal quantities of cloves and small pepper.
  • Seive them through a cloth and prepare fine powder.
  • Give 2 gm of this powder twice a day with honey.
  • It cures digestive weakness and fever too.

7. For Indigestion-

  • Take 10 gm solid powder of cloves and put in 1/2 litre of boiling water.
  • Cover it and strain the solution after 1/2 hour.
  • Give 25-50 ml of this water to the patient; twice to thrice a day.
  • It cures indigestion and also strengthens the digestive system.

8. For abdominal disorders-

  • Grind 1-2 cloves in solid form and then boil in 100 ml water till 20-25 ml is left.
  • Strain the solution and let it cool.
  • Give this to the patient. It is also useful in cholera.
  • Give hot infusion of cloves or clove oil in case of swelling in stomach.
  • It helps to cure the accumulation of wind in stomach.

9. For Whooping cough-

  • Roast 3-4 cloves in fire and then grind them.
  • Give this powder with honey to the patient.
  • It cures whooping-cough in the practice of few doses itself.

10. For Burning sensation-

  • Grind 2-4 cloves in cold water.
  • Give this to the patient with sugar mixed in it.
  • It cures acidity and problems similar to that.

11. For Migraine-

  • Grind 6 gm cloves in water.
  • Heat the paste then apply it on earlobes.
  • It cures the migraine.

12. As an expectorant-

  • Take 2 gm powder of cloves and boil it in 125 ml of water till the water is reduced to 1/4th.
  • Strain the solution and give this to the patient to be drunk.
  • It dilutes the phlegm and helps it easy release.
  • Clove in very beneficial in such disorders.

So, in this way we saw numerous benefits for such a small ingredient. It is a very good thing and effective remedy for many diseases. Especially, during the monsoons and rainy; the use of clove seems to be very effective. So, start adding cloves and such spices in your suet to stay prevented from diseases. So, take care and live well!


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