Ayurveda for Respiratory Problems Cure

Ayurvedic healing for respiratory ailments
Ayurvedic healing for respiratory ailments

Ayurveda is known as the traditional form of healing. It has been practiced since from ages. It was said and also a well-known fact that few decades back, our ancestors and saints were liable to gain the longevity of life.

The average life span of the human is considered as 100 years. Today because of several reasons, natural disasters and some circumstances; this graph is declining rapidly.

Earlier, human beings used to go natural. That time there were no treatments except Ayurveda. Our modern techniques are growing rapidly. But Ayurveda has a property that can’t be replaced i.e., Ayurveda is not just a treatment. It is the root of our lives; Ayurveda is all about to keep your healthy and lively. Ayurveda teaches us how to avoid and prevent infections. Its first agenda is ‘prevention’ not the cure.

Okay, let us come back to our concerned topic. Winter season has enveloped the earth. Many of the places are wholly covered with white colored snow. The season is very chilling and cool. As we know, everything has two aspects; one is positive and another is negative. Similarly, this season also can be full of benefits otherwise of hazards.

Flus during winters
Flus during winters

During winters our oil glands tends to be shrink and body needs extra care. The thing that is mostly needed is “Immunity”. Those who possess strong, build-up immunity they can enjoy their winters happily but those who are weak can suffer. The most common flu seen during winter is Respiratory disorders. Some of them like asthma, sinusitis, shortness of breathing, blocked nose, sneezing, cough and cold are normal.

We guys take these things easily and as a seasonal flu itself. But this is not good, these must be normal flu’s but are the signal for major respiratory problems. There are many treatments for these. Here we will be talking about both the prevention as well as cure through Ayurveda. So let us proceed:-

  1. It is always good to prefer warm water instead of cold water for drinking. During winters this thing becomes compulsory especially for those suffering from asthma or sinusitis.
  2. In this season, have a strict restriction on ice creams, cold drinks, vinegar etc. These damage your immune system making it suitable for seasonal ailments.
  3. Try to keep your body warm during winters. Have cereals and fibrous items in order to retain moisture and internal heat.
  4. If you are habituated of sipping tea then do a little change. Add some ginger or cardamom to it. The aromatic fragrance will heal your running nose and the tea will get some more medicinal values. You can also prefer green tea with several herbs.
  5. Avoid fast food as much possible. During winters, our digestive system tends to be weak that is the main reason for obesity during winters.
  6. Use soft woolens that are skin-friendly and resistible. The bad quality of wool can be dangerous as the fibers can be inhaled easily and can result in increased asthma and suffocation.
  7. Eat high amount of raw fruits and vegetables during winters. This has multiple benefits; it will keep you hydrated and full of energy.
  8. Don’t skip yoga asanas and exercises. The regular workouts are helpful to keep you healthy and warm.
  9. If you are suffering from cold and cough; use gargle. Add some salt to lukewarm water and do gargle. Its regular practice will heal a lot.
  10. Before going to bed, clean your feet and apply some hot mustard oil. This will absorb all the flu from your body making you feel warm and easy.

Winter season can be both; friend as well as foes. It depends upon you how you tackle it. It is a fact; when you are fit and healthy you are confident to achieve all goals. Don’t bend your knees in front of seasonal ailment; be prepared and give your best.

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