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Erectile Dysfunction treatment through Yoga

Fighting off Erectile Dysfunction Through Yoga

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not nearly as embarrassing as one might think. It's actually becoming all too common among adult males, especially...

7 effective Yoga asanas to reduce belly fat

Does the unwanted belly fat makes you conscious sometimes? Are you fed up of trying to reduce...

Yoga Ayurveda and Vegetarian meals

Vegetarian meals play a huge part in an Ayurveda diet, along with a number of other rules as well. These rules are followed in most Indian households today, even those who might not be practicing intentionally. The entire point of the Ayurveda diet is to help the body maintain a delicate balance of tastes and flavors, and also to remove and flush out all unnecessary toxins from the body
5 simple Yoga Asanas for office

Desk Yoga – 5 Simple Desk Yoga Asanas to do in office

Modern lifestyle gives us very little time to take care of our body. Most of the time is spent inside the office...


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