Yoga pose for all kinds of Stomach problems- Pawanmuktasana

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90% of the disease occur, due to the deformity or wrong functioning of stomach. Today we will be telling you about a Yoga pose, to sort out all kinds stomach and digestion related problems. It is Pawanmuktasana.

The name itself signifies what is it for and how does it works. Well, let’s have a look to its methods and benefits.

What is Pawanmuktasana?

pawanmuktasana yoga pose

Pawanmuktasana, also called ‘Wind-relieving pose’ or ‘Gas releasing pose’ is made of three words; Pawan means Air or Gas, Mukta means to release and asana means pose.

Steps for Pawanmuktasana:

  1. Lie down straight and rest the right knee on the chest.
  2. Interlock both the hands and keep them on knee. While exhaling press the knee on the chest.
  3. Lift the head such that the nose touches the knee.
  4. Hold the breath and remain in this pose for about 10 to 30 seconds.
  5. Now straighten the leg. Repeat it 2-4 times.
  6. In the same way perform with the other leg.
  7. In the end, practice this asana with both the legs together.
  8. This completes one cycle. Repeat this cycle, 3-4 times.
  9. Hold both the legs and massage the back by rolling forward, backwards and sideways.
Steps for Pawanmuktasana
Steps for Pawanmuktasana

Doing this is very beneficial for the body and also a cure for numerous diseases. Let us see it how.

Benefits of Pawanmuktasana:

  • It is extremely beneficial for gas related problems of stomach.
  • It is useful in scanty, painful menstruation.
  • It is beneficial in acidity, heart disease, gout and headache.
  • It reduces excess fat on the stomach.

Contradictions for Pawanmuktasana:

  • If there is severe pain in back, then do not lift the head at all.
  • Those with high blood pressure should avoid this.
  • Till 1st trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable; as you step to second or third trimester, strictly avoid this.
  • Those with slipped discs should avoid this.

In this way we saw the description of Wind relieving pose. Share this to all, and spread the magic of yoga. Take care and live well!

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