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Yoga exercises are synonymous with stretching your body, especially your arms, legs and core. Yoga works out so much more than that, and you can also stretch and exercise your body from the tips of your fingers to the ends of your toes. Yoga exercises for your hands are known as Mudras, and they have the benefit of being simple and able to be performed at any time. Hand exercises have been shown to aid recovery of a sprained thumb, to strengthen tendons to support grip strength, and to help loosen joints to mitigate arthritis pain.

To get started, you should get into the lotus position and first get focused. Feel the energy in your hands and get ready for some amazing yoga exercises.

Gyan Mudra health benefits
Gyan Mudra health benefits

The Hand Mudra

This is also known as the Hasta Mudra and it can help you connect different parts of your body directly to your brain. Your brain is the life force of your energy and controls the way that energy flows. With yoga for the hands, you press them together, touch and point at different fingers as well as curl them up in a number of ways. This helps to stimulate the reflex action from your hand to your brain.

The Five Elements

Each of the fingers in Mudra Yoga is linked to one of the five elements. The thumb is linked to fire, the index finger is linked to air, the middle finger is linked to ether, the ring finger is linked to the earth and the small finger is linked to water. By figuring out how to use your fingers during yoga, you will find that you can restore your overall wellness with ease.

Here are some exercises that you can get started with: –

  1. Mudra of Knowledge

This is known as the Gyan Mudra and it has the benefit of helping increase overall concentration as well as bring down any negativity that one may be focusing on. It also helps better the memory and relieve the symptoms of anger or tension. To do the exercise, touch your index fingertip to the thumb tip. Keep the other three fingers straight.

  1. Mudra of Earth

Another name for this is the Prithvi Mudra. You will find that this exercise helps one maintain their weight as it is linked to managing obesity. This could also be due to positive effect that it has on the digestive system and the flow of energy you will feel within you. To do the exercise, take your ring finger and touch the tip to your thumb. Ensure that you keep the other three fingers straight.

  1. Mudra of Emptiness

This is known as the Shoonya Mudra and it helps with any pain that you may have in the ear. It is also good for overall health as it strengthens the bones as well as helping with heart disease. The gums and throat also get stronger. To do this exercise, you should take your middle finger, bend it, and place the tip of it at the base of your thumb. Take your thumb and then cover your middle finger and until the tip of your thumb is at the bend of your middle finger. Put some pressure from your thumb onto the finger. Ensure that the other three fingers remain straight.

What you should do other than Mudras

There is a lot more info on other Mudra exercises that you can learn like pran mudra, dhyan mudra, vaayu mudra etc., though the techniques mentioned here are a great place for you to start. To ensure that you get the best results from these exercises, you should always drink a good amount of water or take in some fruit and fruit juice. This will keep you hydrated and also help you maintain concentration throughout the exercises. In addition, your energy flow will be phenomenal.

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