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pros cons of yoga
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Yoga is a therapy that originated in India and calms your mind, body, and soul. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word yoke which means to bind together. It is the process that unites our physical, mental, emotional social, intellectual, and spiritual well-being. Practicing yoga can be beneficial in multiple ways.

Practicing yoga is nowadays common throughout the world but only a few are aware of the fact that like the two faces of a coin, yoga has demerits too.

Are you surprised and still wondering that yoga can have cons too? If yes, then don’t stress yourself, we are here to help you out. Here, you will learn about yoga’s pros and cons.

Pros of Yoga (Don’t Miss the 10th one)

pros and cons

Yoga benefits as a whole, it improves the overall well-being of an individual. Here are some of the listicles.

1.     Build your muscles and enhance your bone health with help of yoga

Strong muscles not only provide us with a good appearance but also shield our bodies from diseases like arthritis and back discomfort. Additionally, it stops older persons from falling.

With the use of yoga, you can develop flexible muscles.

Some yoga poses, such as the downward-facing dog, require you to lift your weight. Arm muscles are strengthened as a result. 

2.      Make your body as flexible as rubber with yoga

Flexibility is one of yoga’s wonderful benefits. Many people practice yoga to develop their flexibility because it not only improves mobility but also lowers the risk of injury. Yoga is shown to increase flexibility whether it is practiced at a high or low intensity.

You can try child pose, bow pose, camel pose, and many more to make your body more flexible.

3.     Maintain perfect posture with yoga

Yoga strengthens and tones the muscles. While you walk, stand, or sleep, it helps to keep your body in perfect position. Additionally, it aids in reducing pain that can be attributed to poor posture.

4.     Be strong mentally with yoga

If you do yoga, then you develop overall health. You get strong not only physically but mentally too.

Yoga has proved to be effective in treating depression and anxiety, which is most common these days. The breathing practices, meditation along with movement-based yoga postures play a significant role in boosting your depressed mood.

5.     Make your heart healthy with yoga

Yoga helps in maintaining your blood pressure. Studies have proved that practicing yoga maintains a lipid profile in healthy people. It also reduces lipid levels in patients with coronary artery disease.  The yogic practice of ‘Pranayama’ can improve the functioning of various body systems.

It also the brain’s influences the cardiorespiratory center which in turn improves its functioning.

6.     Relieve your stress with yoga

In today’s work of hustle and bustle, each one of us is stressed because of one or another reason. Yoga helps as a stress reliever as yoga is not only limited to yoga postures, it is much more than that. Meditation, sound baths, and auditory rituals like chanting help cope with stress.

Yoga also lowers the levels of the cortisol hormone, which when produced in excess can lead to depression and osteoporosis.

7.     Improve balance with yoga

Body balance is necessary for life. You need to balance yourself while you pick up something from the floor, dance, or run. Research has shown that yoga helps in body balance as well.

Studies prove that Yoga postures improve overall health in athletes. Yoga also has shown tremendous results in improving balance in aged persons and people with brain injuries as well. Eagle pose, crow pose, and much more help you to maintain balance.

8.     Sleep well as an aftereffect of yoga

Sleep is a crucial part of our lives. If you want to be focused, attentive, healthy, or to perform well at tasks then it’s necessary to take good sleep. But nowadays either we can’t fall asleep or we can’t stay asleep. To rescue this, yoga is here. It calms our soul, relieves stress and helps us to get good and early sleep.  

Yoga Nidra, child pose, and Shavasana are some of the postures that have been proven to prevent you from being an insomniac.

9.     Reduce excess fat with yoga

People who perform yoga are mindful eaters too and are sensitive to hunger and fullness both. Mindful eating develops a positive relationship with food and eating.

Research has proved that people to perform yoga regularly, tend to cut fat quickly and have lower body mass indices (BMI) as compared to those who do not perform yoga.

Surya Namaskaar and kapalbhati pranayama are the most effective yoga for fat burning.  

10.  Subside diseases and fat with help of yoga

Yoga is beneficial in preventing many diseases like arthritis, insomnia, PCOS, thyroid, cardiovascular diseases, body pain, and so on. It also frees your body from toxins and maintains the functioning of the nervous system and adrenal glands.

And if you are overweight it curbs your calories as well. Yoga acts as a good fat burner. The amount of fat you reduce from yoga depends on the time duration, consistency, and posture of yoga.


Cons of Yoga

Like any other exercise, yoga has cons too. Humans tend to copy each other and in today’s world of pomp and show, we follow the trend. But we should know how, when, and what is good for our health. Many of us are unaware of the fact that yoga can have demerits as well.

Here are the risks of doing yoga.

1.     Excessive yoga can increase the risk of stroke

One should always keep in mind that any exercise or yoga should be done limited and under supervision.

According to National Centre for Complementary and Alternative medicine, intensive yoga and bends may lead to serious injuries like stroke and nerve damage.

2.     Yoga may led to dehydration and overheating

Generally, yoga is performed in an open and cool environment, but some like hot yoga are slightly different.

Yoga may be led to dehydration, overstretching, and overheating.

While doing yoga, always keep yourself hydrated. Take breaks and breathe if you get exhausted. Never overstrain yourself.

3.     Wrong yoga posture due to wrong instructors

Yoga is not something that you can just see online and perform. It is much more; you need a proper instructor or teacher for it.  Therefore, you must perform yoga under a trained instructor so that doing yoga doesn’t put you at risk.

4.     Every yoga posture is not for everyone 

While doing yoga you should keep in mind that you perform it accordingly to your health and capacity. For instance, during pregnancy, you should not try every yoga posture.

Also, elderly people can’t perform a wide range of yoga postures. 

5.     Yoga may lead to a loss of confidence and enthusiasm

Some of the yoga postures are difficult to perform, they need time and patience. You need to practice it daily and then you become a master in it.

Remember that always do yoga in accordance with your ability, otherwise, you would be discouraged and will quit yoga.

Summing Up

You should also remember that everything including yoga has pros as well as cons. Excess of anything can be dangerous.

No doubt yoga can do wonders but it should always be performed under guidance and in accordance with your health and strength.

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