Get rid of Mental Stress with Sheetkari Pranayama

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In the present world, mental stress is one of the foremost reasons for the health depletion among all. It is affecting human lives very adversely. Yoga and Pranayama are the two most efficient ways to combat stress. Stress is characterized by tension, anxiety, irritating behaviours and many other.

Today we will be discussing about a very easy yet efficient Pranayama which is best to combat stress. It is called ‘Sheetkari Pranayama‘. It is like just sitting in a squat pose and breathing. Nothing can be much better than this to keep you free from stress.

Yesterday we talked about Sheetali Pranayama which was named to provide coolness to your body. Both the Sheetkari and Sheetali are almost same. The method of breathing by mouth (similar to a python’s breathing) is called Sheetali and Sheetakari Pranayama.
When a python takes deep breath by opening the mouth, hens, rabbits, kids of deer are easily sucked in with the air and it has the capacity to digest it. Sheetali and Sheetakari Pranayamas are also like this.

What is Sheetkari Pranayama?

Sheetkari Pranayama” is a breathing technique which involves hissing leading to a cooling effect upon the whole body. The word “seetkari” literally means the breathing technique that “produces the ‘seee’ or the ‘seet’ sound”. In English, it is usually translated as the “hissing cooling breath”.
Both the Sheetali and Sheetkari Pranayama are mend for the first motive to make you free from stress.
Sheetkari Pranayama
Sheetkari Pranayama

Steps for Sheetkari Pranayama:-

  • Open the lips & fold the tongue inward towards the throat.
  • Touch the tip of the tongue against the upper palate.
  • Keep the upper and lower teeth together.
  • Inhale deeply & gently through the teeth with opened eyes with a sound like…c…c…c & feel the coolness at the back of the throat.
  • Then keep the lips closed & relax the tongue.
  • Close the eyes and hold the breathe as much as you can.
  • Slowly slowly exhale through the nose without opening the mouth & feel the coolness of the breath into your entire nervous system & the mind.
  • The practice of Sheetkari Pranayama can be done fearlessly for 20-30 minutes.

Benefits of Sheetkari Pranayama:-

Doing the Pranayama has numerous benefits in it. Some of them are listed as follows.

  • Sheetkari Pranayama helps to keep your mouth clean thus curing diseases like Halitosis, Pyorrhoea and many more.
  • Induces muscle relaxation, mental tranquility, controls hunger, thirst and generates a feeling of satisfaction.
  • This practice cools the body and affects important brain centres associated with temperature regulation.
  • It reduces mental and emotional excitation, and encourages the free flow of prana throughout the body.
  • It induces muscular relaxation, mental tranquility and may be used as a tranquillizer before sleep.
  • It gives control over hunger and thirst, and generates a feeling of satisfaction.

Contradictions for performing Sheetkari Pranayama:-

  • People suffering from low blood pressure or respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis and excessive mucus, should not practice.
  • This practice cools down the activity of the lower energy centres and those suffering from chronic constipation should avoid it.
  • Those with heart problems should consult a Yoga expert or a Doctor before attempting Sheetkari Pranayama.
  • Avoid this pranayama in extreme cold weather.
  • Also avoid if having cold, cough, asthma, tuberculosis, breathing problem, lung disorder, arthritis, low blood pressure or chronic constipation problems.

It is one of the best pranayama to do. In the present world, everyone should perform this in order to stay well and fit. Our ancient sages and ancestors were habituated to practice this regularly, that is why they were worthy to live a life of 100-150 years and in a healthy and fit way. This is the importance of our Indian culture. Take care and Live well!


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