Five Yoga Asanas to stay fit and healthy always

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Hello friends, today I am back with another section of Yoga. Last time, my yoga post was based on basics and explanations; now it is on the several types of yoga asanas. First of all, let me make you understand; about the basics and need of yoga in every one’s life.

It can be said that, yoga is a holistic way of leading life. Our ancestors used to believe that yoga is a soulful method; a traditional form of practice that makes your way to prosperity and internal purification.


Yoga is a traditional form of practice that focuses on the wholesome development of an individual. It is much more than cure or exercise; broadly it can be said as the transformation of both mind and body towards positivity and longevity. Yoga is a simple form of practice that provides you a blissful life.

In fact the benefits of yoga is numerous that cover-ups your physical, mental and social well-being. Yoga means discipline that makes your actions and steps proceed towards liberation. It can also be said as the path of omniscience and supernatural accomplishments. Yoga gifts you a flexible, toned and beautiful body posture.

Not only this, yoga asanas has tremendous benefits of healing your mental situation. It helps to circumvent your ego, depression, stress and fatigue; making you mentally eligible and strong. It is always advisable to follow warm-ups before yogacises. It helps to free your joints thus achieve optimum benefits.

Yoga is a scientific way to beat all the ailments and disorders. Yoga is like the key to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It can be said as the best way to achieve top-to-toe fitness. Our unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle makes us lethargic and stiff. Yogacises helps to relax the muscles and combats any kind of fatigue or stiffness. It refines your posture and provides you inner peace.

Each and every yogacise is for some particular body part and ailment. They are designed in such a way that cutes both minor and major kind of injury. Following are the five types of yoga asanas that are very useful and good to keep your body fit:-


health benefits of bhujangasana
health benefits of bhujangasana

It is also known as ‘cobra pose’. Bhujang is a Sanskrit word that means; snake with raised hood.In this yogacise, your body tends to be like cobra snake with a raised hood.This asana mainly focuses on your shoulders, neck and abdomen itself. The benefits of bhunjangasana are given below:-

  • It is a very good yogacise for those suffering from stiff neck pain, shoulders and back.
  • This asana combats your stress and tension thus is also a type of De-stress. posture. You must take care about the inhale and exhale of this yogacise.
  • Bhujangasana opens your chest that helps in the complete and free passage of air and rejuvenates your metabolism.
  • It is very useful to treat sciatica and slipped disc kinds of ailments. This very yogacise is also capable to cure minor sprains and bone dislocation.
  • This is very useful to treat irregular menstruation and excessive pain.


health benefits of chakrasana
health benefits of chakrasana

It is also called ‘wheel pose’. In this asana, your body looks like an up-face bow or a semi-circle. This back bend asana must be tried under the guidance of some yoga teacher or practitioner. Without any guidance it can cause spine problems for beginners. This very yogacise focuses your vertebrates, thighs and abdomen. Benefits of chakrasana are listed below:-

  • It improves the flexibility of spinal cord making it strong and elastic.
  • It also aids in hormonal secretion in body.
  • Good for your cardiovascular system, strengthening your arteries and cardiac muscles.
  • Helps to prevent ailments and deformalities related to back, thighs and spine.
  • It is helpful to strengthen your legs and hands.


steps to do Dhanurasana
steps to do Dhanurasana

It is also called ‘bow pose’. In this your body wholly looks like a bow. The name has been derived from a Sanskrit term, where dhanur means bow. It is an easy yogacise with no exertion. In this you have to hold your ankles with your hands from backside. The benefits of dhanurasana are listed below:-

  • It is very helpful for the proper digestion. It prevents constipation, heart burning and acidity.
  • It is very useful yogacise for diabetic patients. It regulates the pancreas and the insulin secretion that stabilizes your sugar level.
  • It is very beneficial for improving your concentration power.
  • For obese persons, it is best suited. The regular practice of dhanurasana flattens your tummy making it fit and good-looking.
  • It makes you active and energetic throughout the day.


benefits of gomukhasana
benefits of gomukhasana

It is also called ‘cow head pose’. In this yogacise, breathing is normal with legs one to each side. This asana focuses your legs, spine and thighs. It has many therapeutic results and benefits. Some of them are listed below.

  • It facilitates you a deep and smooth breathing. It also aids in a toned blood circulation.
  • This yogacise is a very best physiotherapy for those suffering from arthritis and hernia.
  • It is also very beneficial for those suffering from depression, hypertension and respiratory problems.
  • It is also very good to cure piles.
  • The regular practice of gomukhasana massages your reproductive organs leaving them strong and relaxed.


Vrikshasana Tree pose
Vrikshasana Tree pose

It is also known as ‘tree pose’; vriksha means tree in Hindi terminology. In this your body looks like a tree. It is one of the simplest kinds of yogacise. This asana focuses your arms, legs and spine; making them supple and fit. Benefits of vrikshasana are listed below.

  • Vrikshasana tone up your legs and thighs making them strong and agile.
  • This yogacise builds and matures self-confidence in you thus making you mentally sharp and eligible.
  • It reduces flat feet.
  • It makes your ankles and knee joints strong.
  • In children, vrikshasana is capable for growing height.

Yoga is the need of life. Everyone must be careful about it. Specially, for the youngsters and new generation kids yoga is very important. Not only for health, yogacises are good for the wholesome personality development. So guys, be health conscious and stay healthy.


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