5 Yoga asanas to curb Cancer


Cancer is a disease which is characterized by the development of unwanted cells rapidly which results in the formation of Tumour. In the present date, Cancer disease is considered as the synonym of Death.

Yoga for Cacner Treatment
Yoga for Cancer Treatment

Yet, no permanent cure for Cancer has been discovered. Through medications,chemotherapy, radiology and Herbal tactics; first two stages can be recovered but the progressed one is difficult.

Cancer cells and Normal cells
Cancer cells and Normal cells

In advance stages, Cancer treatment is difficult and if the disease comes under the malignant category then its next to impossible. So, it is advisable to go for pre-diagnosis as the early stages are curable.

Well, here we will be talking about Cancer cure using Yoga therapy. On our earlier post on Cancer; we discussed about wholesome mechanism of Cancer and its cure using Herbal medicines and Pranayama. In this section we will discuss how to cure this dreadful disease using Yoga. Before moving to those asanas lets talk about Yoga first.


Yoga is known as the science of leading a blissful life. The popularity of Yoga is largely due to its wide range of therapeutic effects on both the mind and body. Yoga is not a religion but a philosophy of life. It is also a discipline with scientific background.

It is universal and timeless,and as relevant today as it was when it was first developed 2000 years ago. In fact, it is the perfect way to maintain a balanced outlook in the face of pressures from modern-day-living.

The beneficence of Yoga:-

Experts agree that stretching is one of the best ways to achieve top-to-toe fitness and with its centuries old system. Yoga provides one of the safest, most effective way to do this. Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the union of mind and body’. According to ancient texts, it is a science that allows us to live a harmonious life through the control of the mind and body.

The main principle of Yoga is that before you can train your mind to reach a higher consciousness you must first discipline your body. Combined with correct breathing, Yoga will increase vitality and energy levels as well as discipline the mind.

Now, lets move to those specific Yogasanas which are suitable for the Cancer. First of all, we will like to remind that yet no permanent cure for Cancer is discovered. And if you really want to get treated in first two stages then you should also the control in you diet followed with herbal remedies and pranayama too.

Yogasanas for Cancer:-

1. Bhujangasana:-

Bhujangasana for Cancer treatment
Bhujangasana for Cancer

The word is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Bhujang’ which means ‘snake’. It is also called “Rising-snake pose”. In this your body tends like a rising snake. It should be avoided by those who has just undergone to stomach or abdominal surgery due to Cancer.

You should take a break of 6 months to 1 year for this.

How to perform?

  • Lie down on floor with hands pressed on floor and forehead focusing front.
  • Gently rise your abdomen part with a deep inhale.
  • Your abdomen, chest and head should be like on air.
  • Stay on the position for 15-30 seconds.
  • While exhaling come back to the ground again.
  • Repeat this for 5-7 times (for cancer patients).

2. Mandukasana:-

Mandukasana for cancer
Mandukasana for Cancer

Mandukasana is also known as ‘Frog pose’ as the name is derived from the Sanskrit word “manduk” which means frog. It can be performed by all but for cancer patients, it should be performed 5-7 times a day. Over-exertion of energy is not allowed.

How to perform?

  • Sit in Vajrasana posture; close the fists of both the hands.
  • While clenching the fists press the thumb inside with the fingers.
  • While pressing the navel with both the fists, exhale and bend forward.
  • Keep looking straight; stay in the position for sometimes and then come back to Vajrasana pose.
  • Repeat this for 5-7 times a day.

3. Sasakasana:-

Sasakasana pose for cancer
Sasakasana pose for cancer

It is also called “Rabbit pose” or “Seat pose”. It stimulates the immune system and endocrine system. Cancer patients, Sasakasana pose is a good remedy. It should be performed 4-5 times a day.

How to perform?

  • Sit in Vajrasana pose and while inhaling lift both the hands upwards.
  • While bending forward; exhale and stretch the hands forward.
  • Keeping the palms down and rest the hands on the ground till the elbow.
  • The forehead should also rest on the ground.
  • Stay this position for sometimes and again come back to the Vajrasana pose.

4. Matasyasana:-

MAtasyasana for Cancer cure
Matasyasana for cancer cure

Matasyasana is also called ‘Fish pose’. In this very pose, your body tends to be like a pose. It is highly beneficial for Cancer.

How to perform?

  • Sit is Padmasana pose and lie down backwards.
  • Take the support of hands and resting elbows.
  • Bend the neck backwards as much as you can.
  • He back and chest should be raised while the knees remain touching the floor.
  • Hold the thumb of both the toes respectively with both hands and rest the elbows on the floor.
  • Inhale and hold the breath.
  • One may either come back to the normal position or lie down in Savasana by bringing the head and shoulders on the ground and legs stretched.
  • This is the reverse of Sarvangasana.

5. Markatasana:-

Markatasana for cancer cure
Markatasana for cancer cure

Markatasana pose is also called “Monkey pose”. One should perform it very carefully; it is very helpful to cure Cancer. A Cancer patient should perform it 5-6 times a day.

How to perform?

  • Lie down straight and spread both the hands at the shoulder level.
  • The palms should be open facing the sky.
  • Fold both the legs at knees and keep them near the hips.
  • Now, turn the knees towards the right side; rest the right knee on the ground.
  • Left knee should rest on the right knee and left ankle should rest on the right one.
  • Similarly, repeat the exercise from the left side as well.

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