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Yogasanas for a flexible body

5 Yogasanas for a flexible body

Introduction:- Hello my lovely readers. Today I will explain 5 Yogasanas for a flexible body in this article. Everyone wills to have a flexible, strong...
Yoga Ayurveda awareness

Every Indian should follow divine culture of Yoga

Awareness to follow our Indian culture: Yoga and Ayurveda Yoga; it’s a kind of physical activity which connects our soul to almighty spirit. It was the...

What is Yoga and types of Yoga in simpler words

Whenever I do some exercises or Asanas I ask myself which type of Yoga it is and what is the asana name. How I...
Erectile Dysfunction treatment through Yoga

Fighting off Erectile Dysfunction Through Yoga

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is not nearly as embarrassing as one might think. It's actually becoming all too common among adult males, especially as new...