Diet plan to reduce Weight

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When we are born as an infant; our body weighs about 2 1/2-3 kg. With the passage of time and with a healthy nutrition our body and its weight expands; making us a well-grown individual. Later on, due to some factors many times our body gets too much bulky; making us obese and overweighted. Obesity is one of the major causes core contributing factors to a long list of health problems, with over 30,000 people dying each year from obesity-related illness. On our present topic, we will be talking about the diet plans to reduce weight.

When our body weight gets higher than our ideal height and sex; as calculated by BMI then it can be said as Obese. As a fact, Obesity is the key of many diseases. Like many diseases are directly or indirectly related to heavy weight itself. Even the victim person don’t like the own body. A fit and healthy body is desired by all.  We will be talking about the diet plans and eating process, in order to reduce weight.

Facts about the Obese body-

Obesity and over weight
Obesity and over weight

After reading the following facts, your eyes will turn two times enlarged a currently those who are obese will try their best to reduce weight-

  1. In case of lorry drivers, they stands with more chances of having accidents at the wheel due to falling asleep. Their weight makes them vulnerable to sleep disorders. This has been concluded according to the British Sleep Foundation.
  2. According to one recent study on diabetes conducted in USA, every person who develops the tendency to gain weight; are at the risk of developing diabetes increased by about 9%.
  3. Obesity is linked with a wide range of illness and health problems. This slowly gifts them a short lifespan. The risk of premature death increases highly in them.
  4. Obesity can be treated in early ages, but as it develops and remain untreated, then can lead to severe illness or can self turn into a major illness.

Health links with overweight:-

Being overweight or obese, increases your risk of getting different diseases or health problems. When your body starts expanding furiously, in addition to extra fat it also brings a heap of diseases with it. Some diseases can be fairly minor whereas some can be most serious or life-threatening. Here, we are giving a table of diseases which can appear in men and women if suffering from obesity.

List of Diseases common in Men and Women due to Obesity:-

Problems due to Obesity
Problems due to Obesity

[table id=15 /]

Bring a little change in your diet and kick out obesity from your beautiful life. Many of you must be whispering, “It looks good in articles, but practically it is impossible”. Easy to say but hard to do. Always remember, what your mind interprets same is obtained in practical life. Mental set-up is very important in such cases. If you can dream it, you can do it. Now, we will be talking about the detoxification process; through which one will be able to wash-off extra fat from their body in a very easy way.

Food its the basic unit of life, which decides our development, growth, immunity level and other functioning of the body. It helps to regulate every process with ease. Now, let’s know how to reduce this obesity through the good food habits. We will be talking about the detox process which literally means to remove toxins or poisons from the body. Here, we will have the diet routines of three days with detoxifying foods which will help to reduce weight

Detox diet plan to reduce weight for a better health-

Diet to Reduce weight
Diet plan to Reduce weight

Day 1st diet plan-

[table id=16 /]

Day 2nd diet plan-

[table id=17 /]

Day 3rd diet plan-

[table id=18 /]

So, this was the diet plan of 3 days. In 3 days itself you will notice the results. Actually, if you want best results then don’t be over-strict with this. Like in between of the diet; if you get hungry you can add some juices or nuts in your diet. Don’t starve, otherwise it can increase the disorder. In order to loose weight, you must have full dedication and believe in yourself. In addition to that, follow the following tips which is beneficial to loose some pounds-

  • Don’t dare to fast. If you are going, then better opt for fruit juices. Staying only with water is a bad choice.
  • Avoid all kinds of processed and refined foods. You can also have fat-burning foods which are rich in water and fibres.
  • Alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and drugs. These are also one of the greatest factors to add weight. Quit it.
  • Take regular gentle exercises such as walking, stretching exercises, yoga etc.
  • Avoid stress and stress-related works.
  • Go to bed to sleep early and sleep with an open window.
  • Take time for yourself and relax as much as possible.
  • After the completion of these diet; go with your regular and healthy diet. Also add Flat Tummy Water in your daily routine for the better results.
  • Eat and drink regularly. You diet should be ample and rich in fibres.

To get a perfect body and healthy weight, you will have to put off certain yummy delicacies and some sedentary habits. Always remember, world is with you when you are fit and healthy; as you turns sick and aliment affected, even your close ones will leave you. Stay fit and live lively.


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