Amniocentesis and its significance in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very blissful period of time. There are a lots of tests and procedures involved with pregnancy. All those are done to sure the good health of both mother and the fetus. Amniocentesis is also a test done during pregnancy. Today we will discuss certain aspects and things about Amniocentesis.

Earlier, there were very less medical facilities and hospitals available in India. All those things leaded to premature babies, maternal deaths and fetal deformities too. With the advancement of science and technology, several procedures, tests etc were discovered which ensure for a healthy mother and the healthy baby.

What is Amniocentesis?

amniocentesis process during pregnancy
amniocentesis process during pregnancy

It is one of the most serious and advanced tests during pregnancy. It is a process in which a thin needle is inserted into your belly, directly into the womb. An ultrasound tracker is used to check the position of the needle so that it don’t hurt the baby. A small amount of amniotic fluid is taken out and hence the process is proceeded.

Significance of Amniocentesis:

  • The process is only carried out when the reports of your ‘double marker’ blood test comes wrong.
  • Amniocentesis is carried out to check if the baby is suffering from any kind of hereditary diseases etc.
  • Down’s Syndrome is a faulty gene disease, which generally affects the baby when he/she is in womb. Amniocenetesis is carried out to check this too.

Risks related to Amniocentesis:

Although the process is totally safe, but still is interlinked with certain issues and complications,

  1. If not done properly, the needle can even hurt the baby which can be very dangerous.
  2. Many people lack the instant recovery, in those cases the hole in belly is not sealed and amniotic fluid can leak which can be bad for your baby.
  3. Being an advanced process, it is quite expensive too which is not affordable by everyone.

Why Amniocentesis was banned in India?

Few years ago, this process was an illegal thing. As per the Indian Government, anyone who appears to carrying out Amniocentesis will be imprisoned for 3 years and the medical license will also be sued. In India, even today people wills for boy. The cruelty of people was so high, that they used to abort female fetus.

Amniocentesis has also the eligibility to spell the gender of developing baby. Thus, this process was banned. Now-a-days, almost all the hospitals has banned to conclude the sex of baby.

How your baby gets nourishment inside womb?

We all know, what a mother eats same is taken by baby too. But what is the actual process and organs involved to transfer nourishment to baby. Have a look to following:

  • During pregnancy, a new organ is developed in your body called ‘placenta’.
  • Umbilical cord which is attached to the baby’s navel is connected with this placenta itself.
  • The placenta absorbs nutrients from the mother’s body and the umbilical cord acts as a wire to transfer the nutrients to the baby.
  • It is also responsible to carry oxygen to baby.

Umbilical cord is like the life wire of the baby which keeps it alive and developing. Never be nervous of your pregnancy, enjoy this period and you will see that it has become memorable. Stay well and have a healthy pregnancy.

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