night skin care

Night Skin care recipe for younger looking and flawless Skin

When you sleep at night,  your skin regenerates itself. Hence it becomes very important to follow and routine and special night skin care. With the whole day of stress and pollution, when your skin...
prenatal yoga

All You Need to Know About Prenatal Yoga

You might have seen pregnant women performing yoga these days. And seeing this, you must have questioned yourself why are they doing it in this phase, is it safe for the unborn? Is it...

Tips to Ease Lower Body Stress When Exercising

Are you battling knee problems? Perhaps you are dealing with a nagging ankle or broken toe? Either way, lower body injuries can greatly affect your exercise routine and fitness levels. Don’t miss these key tips...
get rid of tonsilitis

How to get rid of tonsillitis: Home remedies and lifestyle changes

What is Tonsillitis The tonsils are tiny, soft-tissue organs with an oval shape located in the back of the throat. They work as a protective mechanism, aiding the immune system in fighting off viruses and...