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Natural Remedies to cure Halitosis

Grapefruit for health
Grapefruit for health
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Everyone wants a good personality which inspires and signifies everyone. Correct body posture, good physique, well dress-up, talking style and many thing spells your personality. Your well-settled and healthy personality can even get damaged due to a small reason; ‘Halitosis’ or ‘foul smell from mouth’. It is a harmless condition by which many remains unknown but becomes a discomfort for the person next to you. Here, we will be talking about Halitosis and few natural tips to cure it.

What is Halitosis?


Halitosis is refereed to bad breath which is not only a sign of ill-health but is also a social stigma. In this, a very unpleasant and foul smell comes from mouth which can also be the cause of some major oral disorder. None of us likes to stay with the person who is suffering from halitosis. Such cases like avoidance, lack of friends etc makes us harassed and depressed mentally too.

Symptoms of Halitosis:-

Well, this very disorder has a very few symptoms; but if detected in the early stages; it can be cured with few remedies only.

  • Loosening and sponginess in gums
  • A feeling of sour and unpleasant taste in mouth
  • Strong and unpleasant odour from the mouth

Causes of Halitosis:-

Well, there can be a number of causative agents responsible for Halitosis. Some of them are listed below-

  • Bad teeth and gum conditions.
  • Dental decay at roots of the teeth can also be one of the common reasons.
  • Lung disease like sinuses, bronchitis etc can also cause Halitosis.
  • Chewing paan, tobacco, smoking etc can also lead to bad breath.
  • Diseases like anaemia and poor health can also lead to bad breath.
  • Several gastrointestinal diseases can even lead to Halitosis.

Treatment of Halitosis:


Halitosis is an oral disorders which is healed by Dentists in Allopath section. In this, several diagnosis procedure and mouth tests are done by which the case gets totally clarified; what the reason is. Several drugs, mouthwashes, oral treatments are carried out. In case of tooth decay or gum problems; the treatment of such are done with the definite procedures. As a fact, everyone is not able or not having the required financial condition to visit dentists and carry out such costly procedures.

Then what about them? Will they survive with the burden of disorder all the time? No, for them there is one more way. It is called natural healing or Natural Remedies. It is completely based on nature and naturally grown substances. We does not mean that this treatment is only for poor; we mean this is the treatment from all. One who likes to treat themselves naturally or get healed through nature, this is the fit and the best way.

Now, lets move to ours concerned treatment topic which is “Natural Remedies”. It is one of the efficient and the best way to get healed.

Natural Remedies for Halitosis:-

  1. Take 2 glasses of water with 2 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and cardamoms seeds in it. Boil till the water gets half. Cool it down and use the water for gargle.
  2. Another effective remedy for bad breath is the use of avocado fruit. It is far better than any mouth lotion or mouthwashes. It removes putrefaction or decomposition which is one of the most important causes of bad breath. One should have this fruit on a regular basis.
  3. The unripe guava s also useful in Halitosis. You can have the fruit or chew its leaves on a daily basis. One can even prepare a solution cooked with guava leaves and use as gargle. It cures bleeding of gums and ultimately cures bad breath from mouth.
  4. Boil two cups of water with coarsely chopped Parsley. It should be steeped in water along with 2-3 cloves and 1-2 teaspoon of ground salt. After getting cool, strain the solution and use it as a gargle liquid.
  5. Deendayal churna; which is an Ayurvedic medicine which can be taken to keep your bowels free and remove constipation. Using the churna 5 gm mixed in warm water daily at bed time checks the acidity, constipation and gases; keeping your digestive system strong; ultimately curing Halitosis.
  6. Irimadadi Tailam can be massaged on gums to avoid bad breath.
  7. If you are suffering from chronic halitosis then add an adequate amount of fenugreek, radish, beets, carrots, ginger and lemon in your diet.
  8. All the fruits and vegetables are able to cure such kinds of problems. One can have citrus juices of grapefruit, oranges, sweet lime, raw mango etc in your diet.
  9. Try to include ample amount of fibres in your diet. Bottle gourd, cabbages, spinach, tomato etc are the best ones. Also try to have leafy vegetables like fenugreek, spinach, parsley, lettuce etc.
  10. Your Halitosis problem can also be the reason of dehydration. 3-4 litres of water must be taken on a daily basis; if it is difficult then also include juices, soups, juicy fruits etc in your diet.
  11. The person suffering from Halitosis should also include activities like walking, jogging, exercises and yoga in daily life.
  12. Caffeine can also be the reason of tooth decay ultimately bad breath. Minimize the amount of Coffee, aerated drinks and milk tea in your diet. Instead of that you can take herbal tea, green tea or lemon tea for better results.
  13. Brush your teeth twice daily. One after waking up in morning and another before going to bed. Use toothbrush with soft bristles and clean gently with some herbal toothpaste. The use of neem (margosa) twigs as a toothbrush is the best method of cleaning the teeth.
  14. Once a week; take 1 teaspoon of salt, few drops of lemon and few drops of mustard oil. Mix them and use as a scrubber to scrub your teeth and gums. It is anti-bacterial in nature and keeps your oral area clean and free from disorders.
  15. If you are having non-vegetarian food; then clean your teeth with toothpicks regularly so that not particle remains on teeth. It gets decomposed and can cause serous oral problems.

So, in this way we saw how these easy tips and methods can be useful to keep away disorders. These are eco-friendly and suited for all. So, take care and live well!

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