Make your own Camphor oil for Migraine and Headache

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Everyone must have experienced some kind of headaches in their life. Some can be minor and treated easily, where as some can be prolonged to several days and are harmful even. Today we will be telling you about Camphor oil and how it is useful in Migraine pain. 

Headache is not a big issue when caused due to tiredness and heat, but when it becomes common and continues for long; it can be harmful and you should strictly think about it.

What is Migraine?

migraine headache
migraine headache

Migraine is also a type of headache, in which only one part of the head aches. It commonly starts down of the neck, and if untreated it continues getting severe to the top of the head.

When the person experience migraine pain for the first time, it comes with dizziness, vomiting, continues and severe headache and so on. It can be from hours to several days, making the person feel disabled!

Causes of migraine:

  • environmental factors
  • genetics
  • stress
  • lowering of brain chemicals
  • inadequate sleep
  • Carelessness in diet
  • Lack of physical activities

Well, what actually cause migraine is still a question, but the causes given above are the most seen and liable ones.

What people do for headache and migraine?

9 out of 10 migraine affected ones, go with painkillers and other medicines. Of course when it is extreme you have no other choice, but when it is the starting position you can reduce it with some natural remedies.

Painkillers are never good! They may relief you for a few minutes, but in future they will grow into big disease such as of kidneys and liver. 

Camphor oil for Headaches:

Camphor or Kapur; is an age-old ancient remedy not just for headaches but for many other health and beauty issues. Camphor oil or kapur ka tel, is very effective to cure migraine when it is in the starting position.

There will be many who are habituated of migraine pain, and of course with its medicines! For those, we are here with a very efficient and herbal remedy of camphor oil.

Although you can get camphor oil from market, guaranteeing natural but I will say the one you prepare by yourself will be the best one.

Let’s see how to prepare this.

camphor for migraine
camphor for migraine

Ingredients we will need-

  • Raw camphor blocks (amount as per you are making the oil)
  • Coconut oil- 2 cups
  • Eucalyptus oil- 2 teaspoons

How to prepare this?

  1. Take a bowl or pan with thick base, place it over the flame and make sure the flame is low when you start cooking.
  2. Using a mortar and pestle, crush the camphor to make powder.
  3. Put coconut oil and camphor together and heat in a low flame, not in burning one.
  4. Cook till the camphor melts.
  5. Now keep it aside to get cool.
  6. After that add eucalyptus oil into it and mix well.
  7. Your camphor oil is ready. Store in an airtight bottle or glass bottle.
camphor oil with coconut oil
camphor oil with coconut oil

How to use camphor oil when you strike migraine pain?

As you feel the strike of migraine pain, apply a few drops of this oil on your forehead, temples of the head. Rub gently with your palms in a circular motion.

Also give yourself an aromatherapy with this oil, by applying on the nasal passage and rubbing. Take rest or sleep. You will notice your pain is gone or reduced. It is also good for normal headaches and in tiredness.

This is the magic of camphor oil!

I hope this post will benefit to all who were hopeless due to such pains! Share this to everyone, who you think are prone of such problem. Take care and live well!


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