Kick out Negativity from your body and home with Rock salt water


On our day-to-day life, we come across many persons carrying different types of energies. For a blessed and happy life, you need to stay in positivity. Here we are telling you a very easy trick with Rock salt water, to keep out negativity from your body and home.

Rock salt water remedy:

Rock Salt
Rock Salt

This is a very simple yet very effective method to fled away negativity. Rock salt, also called ‘sendha namak’, is a powerful negativity remover.

In health field, rock salt is known as the best and easily available mineral salt, that one should use in their daily diet. It is filled with benefits.

Now you must be guessing how can this simple salt be used to remove negativity. Proceed to the article and you will discover yourself.

If you discover any of the symptoms of things listed below, then it is the signal that now you are needing the spiritual healing of rock salt water-

  • Depression
  • inexpressible stress
  • Any physical illness
  • Increase in negative thoughts
  • Laziness
  • Nightmares and scary thoughts

Here we will be telling you two processes with rock salt. One you will be using on your body and send is for your lively home.

1. Rock salt water for removing negativity from body

rock salt to charge body
rock salt to charge body

This process can be done everyday or once in a while. It is meant to soothe your body, calm your mind and remove negativity from the body

  • Take a large size bucket and fill it with hot water (little above your ankles}, adjust it as per your skin bearable capacity.
  • Put 2 tablespoon of crushed rock salt in it.
  • Now, put your legs into it, and start concentrating.
  • Pray to the divine god, to take out all the negativities from you and fill with positiveness.
  • Doing this will increase the efficacy.

2. Rock salt water to purify your home-

Rock salt for mopping
Rock salt for mopping

Mopping should be done daily, to keep your surroundings and environment filled with positive energies. Commonly we use phenyl and other disinfectants for cleaning home. Now use rock salt and see its magic.

  • In your mopping water, put a fist of rock salt and mix well.
  • Use this water to mop your home.
  • It increases positivity and keeps negative energies at bay.
  • Similarly, take few crystals of rock salt and put it inside your washroom.
  • Make it stay there for a week, then change the salt.
  • Use that salt in cleansing.
  • It is one of the best techniques to attract positive energy to your place.

These were the two uses of rock salt to increase and balance energies in your place. Try to stay always cheerful and happy. This is the key to successful and happy life.

Hope you like the article, share it to all. Take care and live well!

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