How to Find Time for the Gym with a Packed Schedule


You’re working eight to ten hours a day, trying to spend time with your family, get some rest and have a social life. And on top of that, you could really use some exercise, but from this point of view, it sounds like a mission impossible.

However, if you organize yourself properly and use a few tricks, there is always a way to chuck in at least 45 minutes or even 1 hour at the gym, according to experts at World Gym Palm Desert.

It will definitely help you feel better, be more energetic and finish things faster, so it is certainly worth the effort. It is definitely indispensable if you spend most of your time at work sitting.

find time for gym

Of course, you can always exercise at home, but chances are you won’t be so committed and would tend to skip and find an excuse. When you pay a membership at a gym, you are more likely to actually stick to your plan. Here’s how you can do it.


If something is really important, you will find the time for it, I know this from my personal experience. This sometimes means you will have to “steal” a few minutes from some other activities, so you can start from spending less time on the internet, or wake up half an hour earlier in order to pack the gym into your jammed schedule.

Be it as it may, try to make a vacancy in your schedule for the gym. You can also use the way to the gym and back to exercise by going there on foot or by bike if it doesn’t require too much time.

Be Practical

Find a gym that’s close to your home or to your work. Of course, make sure it’s not just convenient, but that’s also a good one. So depending on your schedule and biorhythm, you can hit it before or after work, or even steal half an hour from your lunch break if this is as an option as well. This way you will save the time spent on the way to the gym and be more efficient.

Make It Fun

One way that will motivate you actually find that slot in your schedule is to actually make time at the gym fun, not a torture. So you should choose an activity that you enjoy; this could be group training of a kind most suitable for you or a personal trainer who will motivate you and animate you, or simply a set of exercises that are dynamic and which you enjoy doing.

There’s always some music playing at the gym, but if it doesn’t suit you, you can always bring headphones and play music which motivates you. Also, if it is possible to find some good company then going to the gym will easily become your priority, and you will always find the time for priorities. If you go with a friend, it can also contribute to your social life, only to some extent, of course.

Be Flexible

If you have kids or any other kind of prior obligation and you need to adapt your schedule to someone, don’t let that discourage you from going to the gym, just reschedule it.

Try to squeeze in your gym time when your kids have some of their activities. In case that given time really doesn’t suit you, try to find some interesting and useful activity at the time that suits you best.

What is more, there are gyms which have playgrounds and even offer programs for kids, so you can look into that option as well. In any case, once you actually manage to find the time and go to the gym, you will be motivated by the sheer perfect feeling after that, so you will make sure to adjust your schedule and include this activity in it.

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