Herbs For Glowing & Beautiful Skin-Tips for Natural Beauty


It is said that, ‘healthy skin is a reflection of overall wellness’. If your skin doesn’t look healthy it affects you emotionally as well as mentally. It drags down your self-esteem at time. When you have healthy and glowing skin you’re far more confident. Getting acne makes you self- conscious. But healthy skin plays a huge role in boosting your confidence.

To have a healthy skin you need to adapt a healthy life style. If you’re detoxified from the inside you’ll have a healthy skin because it is said whatever you put inside your body shows on your skin.

Herbs For Glowing & Beautiful Skin

Here are few tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep your skin healthy:

  • Drink ample amounts of water to flush out the toxins from your body. Hydrating yourself inside out is the key.
  • Keep your bowels regulated. If you have weak digestion it will show on your skin.
  • Cut down on artificial sugars.
  • Avoid excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking.
  • Replace teas and coffees with healthy smoothies and herbal teas.
  • Exercise for at least 45 minutes daily.
  • Replace unhealthy foods with greens, fruits and nuts.
  • void stress, meditate to stay happy and calm.
  • Do some kind of facial exercises at least thrice a week.
  • Sleep for 8 hours daily.
  • Invest in products which suit your skin type. Using wrong skin products contribute in unhealthy skin.
  • Keep your pillowcases, phone clean and bacteria free.
  • Don’t touch your face frequently.

According to Ayurveda, there are three skin types. Just like the three energies in our body, there are three skin types which are rules by these energies. The symptoms that show on our skin can help us figure out our skin type.

Skin type I – VATA:

  • Vata is light, dry, and cool. If your skin is thin, dry, fine-pored, and fragile and cool to the touch, you probably have Vata skin. When it is not properly taken care of it might get extremely dehydrated, coarse or cracked. This is prone to eczema or fungal infections. This type tends to wrinkle more as it ages because of lack of moisture in vata or can start looking extremely worn out and dull if your bowels are not regulated. If you belong to this type, you’re notably responsive to mental stress, which tends to show up on your face making you look tired and stressed.

Skin type II – PITTA:

  • This type is more fair or pinkish in color, soft, warm to the touch, and of medium thickness. Along with these qualities correspond to the warm, blazing Pitta. When it is imbalanced, Pitta skin types can be affected by skin rashes, acne, yellowing of skin, eyes, urine, nails and rosacea. This type is usually hypersensitive and emotional tension can make you blush when embarrassed. Mouth ulcers and breakouts are another symptoms of pitta imbalance.

Skin type III-KAPHA:

  • Kapha skin type is cool to the touch and is thickest than the other two, softer, greasier and smoother than the other two types. This is similar to the oily, polished, potent qualities of Kapha. If you have whitish skin and have voluminous, wavy, oily and dark hair, you apparently have Kapha skin. People with Kapha skin form wrinkles at a quite older age as compared to other types. When Kapha is vitiated, the skin can suffer from extreme greasiness, open pores, blackheads, and zits, moistened eczema and fluid retention.

Herbs For Glowing & Beautiful Skin:

Herbs For Glowing & Beautiful Skin

Chandan/ Sandalwood [Pterocarpus santalinus]:

  • Sandalwood is anti- bacterial in nature, therefore, it is also used as a natural antiseptic.
  • It has age reversing properties, also, it removes the tan making the complexion lighter. It smoothens the skin texture making it baby soft. It helps to get rid of acne and subsides any inflammation.

Multani mitti [Fuller’s earth]:

  • It is a form of clay which is known for its benefits in diminishing acne. It consists of Magnesium chloride which helps to alleviate breakouts. It improves your skin texture, removes excess oils and impurities and prevents pore clogging. It removes dead skin and allows the skin to breath.

Haridra/ Turmeric [Curcuma longa]:

  • Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory herb. It works both externally and internally. It repairs damaged skin by soothing it. It treats oily, dry, dull skin. It cures wrinkles. It decreases pigmentation marks and tanning. It improves your skin complexion. If taken internally it purifies blood and strengthens the organs. It also detoxifies the body.

Cucumber seeds [Cucumis sativus]:

  • Cucumber is very cooling both internally and externally. It rejuvenates dull and dry skin. It contains anti-oxidants which revitalize the skin and make it healthy and glowing.
  • Also, it treats sunburn, wrinkles and other skin issues.

Orange peel [Citrus sinensis]:

  • Orange peels contain way more vitamin C than the fruit itself. It helps in banishing acne, blackheads. It prevents the production of excessive sebum. It helps to lighter your skin color by removing the dead skin and tan. It cleans the blocked pores allowing the skin to breath. Orange peels can be consumed along with the fruit to regulate your metabolism which will remove toxins from the inside of the body which will reduce breakouts.


  • Rose flower has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is rich in anti-oxidants and also tones the skin. Rose petals if applied on the skin have a very calming effect. It can be applied in the form of rose water also.

Neem [Azadirachta indica] :

  • It is a wonderful blood purifier if taken orally. It can also be applied in the form of a face pack to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne, open pores, blackheads etc. it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-allergic. It can diminish acne scars also.

Aloe Vera:

  • It is a thick leafy plant which consists of a thick gel like substance. It treats acne, sunburn, fights aging lines. It helps in improving digestion also. It clears the skin eventually and makes it satin soft. As it is photosensitive, it shouldn’t be applied if you’re going out in the sun. It can be consumed in the form of juice on an empty stomach in the morning. IT adds a subtle glow to your skin and brightens it.

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